OwnerName Removed
(former owner, EV has been sold)
LocationLawrenceburg, Tennessee United States map
Vehicle1979 Fiat X19 Bertone
2 Door targa Coupe Sports Car
MotorAdvanced DC #203-06-4001A, 8 Series Wound DC
72-120VDC, single shaft, 8" diam., 21.7 HP
continuous at 120
At 96 VDC, 19 HP continuous, 20.6 HP for one
hour, 31.5 HP
for 5 min., 68 HP peak

At 120 VDC, 21.7 HP continuous, 24 HP for one
hour, 37 HP
for five min., 83 HP peak

One Hour KW rating:

15.5KW @ 96VDC, 18KW @ 120VDC

Motor Weight is 110lbs.
Drivetrain5 speed Mid-engine, transverse, rear wheel drive
ControllerCurtis #1231C-8601, 96-144 VDC, 500 amp
The Curtis PMC models 1231C and 1221C motor
controllers provide smooth, silent, efficient
and cost effective
speed control for on-road electric vehicle
applications. These
controllers utilize power MOSFET technology,
pioneered by
Curtis PMC, to provide benefits unavailable
older speed
control systems.
Batteries32 Thunder Sky 100Ah, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Winston Thundersky TS-LFP 100AHA 081218-F00977
System Voltage102 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC-1500
DC/DC ConverterCurtis 1221C-7401
Voltage 72-120 Volts
Current 400 Amps
InstrumentationCurtis Battery Indicator Model 900R
80-180 V Voltmeter
0-400 Amp Ammeter
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
I don't drive it faster than 45 MPH.
Range32 Miles (51 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight1,300 Pounds (590 Kilograms)
Conversion Time50 Hours
Conversion Cost$8,850.00
Additional FeaturesMean Well Model #: SD-350D-12 12vdc Output DC/DC Converter, Single
Conversion costs do not include the new interior or new custom paint
Replaced heavier stock steel wheels with lighter aluminum/alloy
Eliminated luggage rack mounted on trunk.
This Fiat X19 EV was converted using components / kit from Electric
Vehicles of America, Inc.
and EVolve Electrics.

The Baby Ferrari has a new home in the Volunteer state of Tennessee.
I hope the new owners enjoy it as much as I did.

code by jerry