OwnerRick Friedrich
LocationHayden, Idaho United States map
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Vehicle1984 Porsche 944
Named after my dad who is from
Stuttgart. I drove the 944 as gas for a
few months and then converted it over
two months in Oct 2010. I did the
electrical myself and had another shop
make the battery boxes and mount the
motor. We cut out the trunk area where
the spare normally is and a little of
the front frame area behind the bumper
to add the batteries (7 in the front
and 17 in rear). I have about $15k in
parts and at least $5 in time in this
project. This was our show car in two
conventions held at the CDA Resort r-
charge.net It has a full body wrap that
always causes everyone to look while
driving and come over in parking lots.
I have all the power I need. Clutch is
removed. Has good snow tires with
studs, which I drove daily through the
winter in snow (was good to have weight
in back for winter).
MotorNetgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC
ControllerNetGain Controls Warp 9
Batteries24 Trojan T-105, 144.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
With hydro caps. I never had to replace
the water in 1.5 years of usage (driven
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerRenaissance RC-20A144
The Renaissance Charge charger found at
r-charge.net allows me to keep my
batteries and actually gain in capacity
over time. When I first got the
batteries in Oct 2010 starting voltages
on the batteries fully charged were 163
and have now risen up to 193V. This
means I can drive 10 miles and my
resting voltage will still be
considered fully charged.
HeaterUsed water from controller into the heater
core which is enough to keep the frost off
the windows in colder temps. Park inside
DC/DC Converter
Not used. Use battery pack which works
fine unless temp is 0F.
Top SpeedI don't have anywhere to test the top
speed. I wouldn't care to push it past
that speed.
AccelerationI usually start it in second gear and can
lay rubber in second. I don't want to push
the 944 transmission though.
Range80 Miles (128 Kilometers)
In warm temps fully charged driving 55
Watt Hours/MileI typically drive the car at around 80Amps
average in the city and hyway. Only once
pushed it 600Amps for extended time to see
what it could do up the mountain.
EV Miles
Start:125,000 Miles (201,125 Kilometers)
Current:130,000 Miles (209,170 Kilometers)
Total:5,000 Miles (8,045 Kilometers)
    As of 9/4/2013
Seating Capacity4 adults. Interior not modified beyond
behind the back seat.
Curb Weight0
Didn't check the final weight. We removed
the gas motor parts, spare tire and added
100 pound motor, battery frames, 1500 lbs
of batteries so it is about 1000 lbs over
original weight.
Conversion Time100 hours approx.
Conversion Cost$20,000
Sold at r-charge.net

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