assembled drivetrain
OwnerMatt Kramp
Owner's Other EVs1996 Jeep Cherokee
LocationSeminole, Florida United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1974 Lotus Elite
The vehicle will be built somewhat from scratch around the tub of a '74 Lotus Elite
MotorKostov Series Wound DC
240V capacity 11" with interpoles
Drivetrain11" Kostov 240V with interpoles with a Rebirth Auto adaptor to a VW 2 plate clutch and a modified VW transmission
ControllerEvnetics Soliton 1
BatteriesTBD, 0.00 Volt,
ChargerManzanita Micro
InstrumentationSpedo, Tach, tablet computer in dash running GPS, entertainment, management of charger, BMS and controller
Top Speedtarget 100mph
RangePlan is for about 30 kWh capacity for roughly 100 mi range
Seating Capacity2+2
Curb Weight0
Entire vehicle is being built of light weight components (aluminum lug nuts etc.) should be under 1800 lbs when finished.
TiresTBD low rolling resistance
Conversion Timepossible completion in 2-3 years
Conversion Costestimated $40,000 total give or take 10K
Additional FeaturesPorsche rear suspension, Ford Mustang II street/strip front suspension, keyless ignition, aluminum subframe.
Should be light weight and seriously powerful. Batteries will be the last component selected due to relatively flexible mounting options given common form factors and the fact that they are improving every year in price and capabilities.
It will be a long project, but you have to start somewhere and ground-up will let me do things the way that I want them done.

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