LocationRiverton, South Australia Australia map
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Vehicle2006 Boreem Boreem Jia
Little 300 watt 24 volt that I converted to 36 volts, with other motor and controller.
MotorCurrie Currie 750 watt 36 volt version Permanent Magnet DC
Bought it from an Ebay seller claims its a 36 volt i find that it gets hot very easy maybe its a 24 volt.
Have to check this with the serial number.
DrivetrainChain 510, 42 to 12 teeth
ControllerYi Yun 36 volt 20 amps
36 volt 20 amps generic controller found on every chinese bike sold and there a lot of them!
BatteriesHeadway 36 volt 10 amps bought from EMTB here in Oz, 36.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
36 volt 10 amps bought from EMTB here in Oz should have about 300 cycles on it and still going strong:)
I used lead before there's is no way back now WHAT a difference!!
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerYi Yun 36 volt
36 volt 5 amps vented charger charges the battery in under two hours.
HeaterOzzi summer
DC/DC Converter NONE
InstrumentationCateye nice generic bicycle computer
Top Speed32 MPH (51 KPH)
32 mph wind in the back will do 25 all the way to DOD.
AccelerationGood better then my legs!
I am not impressed with this curry's torque but it has good mid power.
Range8 Miles (12 Kilometers)
7 miles would be a safe margin before walking, I added an extra 3 amps with some lifepo4 18500 but still have to test the range again.
Watt Hours/MileI assume something like an amp per mile.
EV Miles
Current:23 Miles (37 Kilometers)
    As of 11/27/2011
Seating CapacityOne and (small)daughter standing in front of me.
Curb Weight55 Pounds (24 Kilograms)
Because of the Lifepo4 much lighter.the motor is heavier than original.
Tires12 inch alloy rims chinese brand tyre.
Conversion Time8 hours
Conversion CostAbout $ 300
Additional FeaturesNice little scoot going to use this to get some small groceries around town, also to take on trips with our camping trips.
It is sufficient enough for smooth roads but the suspension is a little to rough on our bad roads so I am looking into built my next project a Crystalite 5304 conversion sprinter mTB :)

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