OwnerRob Brown
LocationMelbourne, Victoria Australia map
Vehicle1994 Phoenix Mower
push mower built from normal mower base+
dc motor from mobility scooter+
12v battery
Motorunknown unknown Permanent Magnet DC
the sticker plate only shows that the motor is 24volts and built in 1994
Drivetrainno gears - the aluminium coupling (from scooter) was shaped to a horizontal bar shape - and this bar shape was cut out of the gear above the mower blade. I think the technical term is a dog gear.
due to the type of motor no controller is required here.
The voltage dictates the max rpm. I think this is a good idea for a mower.
Batteries1, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
flooded can take the most abuse.
First battery died aged 4years (18 months in mower).
Current battery going strong after 12 months.
System Voltage12 Volts
just a basic 12v lead acid charger. The amps level out as the battery reaches fully charged.
Top SpeedIs slower than a normal mower - a bigger motor would have been better. However this mower can still do the job.
RangeThe battery weighs about 20kg and will mow the standard house block. To improve battery life I mow the front yard, recharge, then do the backyard.
Mowing time upto 40 minutes.
Watt Hours/Mileno idea - but must be cheaper than fuel + oil
Curb Weight0
It is a little heavier (10kg) than the petrol unit was. Ideally I would stack together NiCd RC packs.
Conversion Time2-3 three days.
Definitely the hardest bit is pulling apart the petrol mower engine, this is frustrating and requires very specialised tools.
Building into electric was quite easy.
Conversion CostJust petrol to get to the right workshops.
All parts were scavenged.
Additional Featuresnone
Before building this I looked at the available battery mowers. They were priced at $600+ (I know they are cheaper now). My mower has better performance than those mowers. Having had mostly trouble free mowing for 2.5 years is most awesome. I start this with a switch, not a pull cord (much less frustrating). Walking through the fumes from a horrible mower engine is no longer for me. The mower is a little underpowered but quite adequate if you remember to mow regularly. Motor does get awfully hot but hasn't burnt out yet, I have briefly tried using 24 volts and the motor is much more powerful but gets even hotter.

This project has been very cost effective. I hope to one day convert a mulcher mower with a bigger motor and use NiCd Rc batteries.

code by jerry