2 NiCds in the frontNiCd x4 in backE15 ControlMy own design control
OwnerRod Hower
Owner's Other EVsGolf Cart
Kyle's Gocart
2009 Fairplay Goat
2009 Chrysler GEM E4
Bad Boy Buggy LT
LocationAkron, Ohio United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
VehicleGeneral Electric Elec-Trak E15
MotorGeneral Electric Compound Wound DC
ControllerCurtis 1204
36 Volt 275 Amp
Batteries6 Saft STM-180, 6.00 Volt, Nickel-Cadmium, Flooded
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerGeneral Electric
10 Kw PFC (Lockheed Martin design, originally used in the TEVan)
InstrumentationCurtis BDI
Top SpeedI'll let you know
Acceleration0 to 60 MPH, I don't think so.
RangeProbably about 5 acres
Seating CapacityMe and my son
Curb Weight400 Pounds (181 Kilograms)
TiresOriginal GE Elec Trak
Conversion TimeAbout 1 month restoration
Conversion CostParts from the basement and $30 of paint and misc.
This is an original GE E15 Elec-Trak. I have no patience with original electronics. I stripped all of the wiring and put in a new controller that I designed. It will work with the original switches and mechanisms, but more efficiently. My SAFT STM-180's where such a tight fit I smashed my fingers putting them in, but they will give twice the range of any lead acids.

code by jerry