OwnerJoe Arello
LocationKansas City, Missouri United States map
Vehicle1986 Pontiac Fiero
The Fiero had been sitting in a field
for many years and was in very poor
condition. The engine and transmission were unrepairable as well as most other components. Did not realize how bad this car was until I started to work on it.
MotorNetgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainThe Fieros original four speed transmission was not salvageable and another four speed from the salvage yard was installed. However the shift pattern is very different and required modifying the transmission cable mount.
ControllerCurtis 1231C-86XX
Batteries10 Energizer 29HM-125AH, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
The batteries are from Sams Club. For
my first conversion I did not want to
spend a lot of money on batteries and wind up destroying them as I went through the learning curve.
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerElcon Pcf-2500
I like the advantage of having the choice to plug into either 110VAC or 220VAC.
HeaterNo heater installed at this time. And no plans to install an air conditioner.
DC/DC Converter
Using aux battery and alternator for
InstrumentationVolt Meter/Amp Meter and PakTrakr
Top SpeedToo soon to report
AccelerationNot very good and still working to improve
Range20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Still working to improve and really have not driven very many miles to give good data. Hopefully I will be able to get at least 35 to 40 miles between charges.
Watt Hours/MileDo not have a watt hour meter yet. Maybe in the future.
EV Miles
Start:155,000 Miles (249,395 Kilometers)
    As of 11/13/2011
Seating CapacityThe Fiero is a two seater
Curb Weight2,700 Pounds (1,227 Kilograms)
Not sure how much it weighs but most
likely about the same as with the ICE.
TiresSKYTRAK P185-70R14
Conversion TimeTwo Years
Conversion CostThe tally so far is about $9600. Alot
of it went into rebuilding the car. I am sure I will be spending a little more as I continue to improve.
I am still working on the car trying to improve performance and mileage. This car was a true basket case and more then I had expected. There was not one system or component that did not need to be replaced or repaired.

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