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OwnerBen Jarrett
LocationAustin, Texas United States map
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Vehicle1984 Jeep CJ-7
MotorNetgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainT4 4-speed transmission
Dana 300 transfer case
Axles: 4.10 axle gears.
AMC 20 in the rear with 1-piece axles
Dana 30 axle up front Detroit True Trac Limited slip front and back
ControllerEvnetics Soliton 1
battery amps limited to 400
Motor amps to limited to 1000.
Batteries50 CALB/Skyenergy SE130AHA, 160.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Using Mini BMS distributed for protection
Also using Mini BMS SOC meter
System Voltage160 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC-2000
HeaterTexas sun
DC/DC ConverterBelktronix
Delivers up to 55 amps to 12V system.
I blew up my Elcon DC/DC converter. Probably too high of
voltage and I didn't have an inductor.
InstrumentationStock speedometer assembly
Autometer #2698 0-8000 Tachometer
Mini BMS 2" EV Display
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
Acceleration2nd gear is pretty peppy.
0-30 MPH is pretty good.
40+ acceleration is pretty slow
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/Mile500 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Current:4,000 Miles (6,436 Kilometers)
    As of 4/18/2017
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight3,020 Pounds (1,372 Kilograms)
Had it weighed at CMC metal recycling at 710 Industrial Blvd,
Austin, TX on 6/14/12.
TiresBF Goodrich A/T 31x10.5R15
Conversion TimeStarted 2/18/2011
Doing restoration and EV conversion - way too much work
with 3 young kids!
Conversion Cost$1400 for Jeep
$2000 for restoration goodies
$1800 motor
$2800 controller
$8500 batteries
$700 BMS
$1000 other EV stuff
Total: $?
I guess it's stilll cheaper than a leaf... Just not as reliable.
Additional FeaturesConverted from power brakes and steering to manual brakes and steering.
Fiberglass body, tailgate, fenders, and hood.
Still in progress...
This jeep is a full frame off restoration.
POR-15 on the frame
Rebuilt axles, tranny, transfercase, tilt column, steering gear.
I rebuilt pretty much everything myself the firs time, then went to see a professional if I
needed to.
Uses a Wrangler windshield.
Got a family style '95 rollbar from a Wrangler.
Looking forward to weighing it.

I tried to use a clutch less adapter from:

I was disappointed with the build quality and the adapter didn't properly line up the
tranny input shaft to the motor. Charlie was great on the phone and tried to do his best.
Also, I decided I really need a clutch in order to downshift and for better overall
drivability. So I went with an adapter and hub from Randy didn't have
a Jeep adapter yet, but said he'd make one. The alignment appeared dead on and I was
very impressed with the build quality. I did have to cut the adapter plate some
for clutch bracket clearance and front driveshaft clearance. Not too big of a deal.

See Maiden voyage here:

WebPage />
6/14/12 Update:
* I finished putting the Canev plate and hub adapter assembly in
- my motor location was a little bit off from factory so I had to lengthen the clutch
bellcrank by cutting it in half and welding in an extension
- transmission is pretty loud - could be a bad, new clutch release bearing
* Jeep passed Texas Safety inspection on 6/9/12
* Drove the Jeep to work for the first time 6/11. About a 18 mile round trip
- There's a Chargepoint charging station at work. Currently using 120V charging.
* Finally selling off un-needed Jeep parts

7/20/12 update
400+ ev miles so far.

I can charge at work using a J1772 adapter
I got from Tuscon EV. I'm getting around 2 miles/kW. The Jeep drives pretty
well up to 55 mph. Over 55 mph, you can tell things are having to work hard
to overcome by brick like aerodynamics. I can still get up to 65 mph so
it's fine to drive for reasonable distances.

Here's my current issues:

1. I'm worried about overheating my batteries during charging. Calb specs
45 C (113 F) as the max temp for charging. That's pretty easy to get to in Austin.
It's free to charge at work, but there's no shade. Not sure if it's really worth
charging there.

2. On the freeway over 60 mph, I can draw over 200 amps from the pack continuously. I
get bms warnings (low voltage) during this. I have the mini bms so I don't know if it's
one bad cell, or something more systemic. I will have to figure out a way to figure this

3. my mini BMS gage is saying I'm only charging to 117 Ah now (it should be 130 Ah).
Not sure
if it's an accuracy issue or something worse.

4. I have the Soliton 1. It tells me it's starting to get a bit hot using the a dash light. I
have a liquid cooling kit, but haven't added it yet.

issues solved.

1. I originally went clutchless, but couldn't downshift very well. I put a clutch in and now
I can downshift better. Upshifting is still kind of slow do to the flywheel now slowing
during shift. I finally figured out it's just easier to do 90% of my driving in 3rd gear.

2. my original adapter plate wasn't aligned properly. I'm now using a CanEV adapter and
I'm pretty happy with it.

3. I started with an Elcon DC/DC converter. I fried it. I move to a Beltronix unit and I'm
happy now.

7/31/12 Update:

1. Almost 600 petrol free miles!

2. Installed liquid cooling kit over the weekend. Had a leak at the bottom
of the overflow tank that was fixed with a bit of silicone. So far, the controller hasn't
fired the dash light which so I think it's working. The controller feels cooler now when I
get home from work. This solves #4 above.

3. I think I found the problem with my SOC meter (#3 above.) I had changed the charge
eff to 95% because I thought that was the charger efficiency. Now I see it should be
around 98%. I'll use 100% for now.

4. Bough a hard top for $150 (missing rear lift gate). I'm wondering if I switch to a hard
top if I'll get better economy.

5. Really thinking about switching to an AC51 motor when they come out.

8/24/12 Update:

1. Just shy of 1000 gas free miles.

2. The liquid cooling kit is working well. The soliton hasn't fired the too-hot light since I
installed it. I get a small leak once in a while, but it's a pretty easy fix.

3. I had a tranny/transfercase leak. Found out it was just the transfer case vent. whew.

4. I'm getting ready to finally install my windshield washer system.

5. Just go my bumper sticker "All Electric Jeep" from Ordered my custom
license plates "4X4EV". Should get those in a few weeks.

6. Finally did some measuring on my pack voltage and cell voltage while driving. My
pack sags from 165 Volts down to 130 Volts during highway acceleration. I have cells
that drop to 2.6V during this time. I wasn't expecting so much sag. Maybe my 130 Ah
cells weren't enough.

7. Considering a Manzanita charger. I'm ready to start charging at 4kW+ instead of just

5/17/13 Update:

Crossed over 2500 fully electric miles!

Finally figured out what's causing my voltage drop issues. Turns out one of the terminals (the
positive one) on the CALB batteries is aluminum. Since my connectors are copper, I have a
copper/aluminum junction. I should have coated these junctions with some sort of
anti-oxididant. Plus, I should have cleaned/removed any oxide that was already there.
I"m doing that now. I'm using Noalax, but it looks like there's lots of opinions out there on
the best stuff to use.

Most things are working pretty well. Trying out a mesh safari top. At this point, I love
to get a tined glass safari top. That would be way cool. My main gripe right now
is that my clutch throwout bearing is noisy. I plan to remove my clutch whenever I go
to a AC motor. Likely an HPEV AC75.

6/25/13 Update:

Just crossed 3000 miles. On Labor Day weekend, I managed to get all the terminals cleaned
up and now my voltage drop issues appear to be gone. I occasionally get a warning under
acceleration around 45 mph - but I'm usually drawing close to 400 amps then.

Main complaint now is my noisy clutch throwout bearing. Hopefully, if I go
AC I can go clutchless and eliminate the clutch. Seriously thinking about an HPEV AC-76.

9/11/2013 Update:

On Sept 9, I drove home from work in a big rain storm. This was the first time I had my Jeep
in the water. The batteries stayed dry and water didn't seem to hurt anything. I gave my
other car away on Sept 8 so the Jeep is my primary transportation - for now.

4/18/15 Update:

5850 miles now. The Jeep is up and running.

Around Christmas time, my motor start sparking a bunch. I shipped it back to Netgain. They
said the brushes were completely warn down. They replaced the brushes and some other parts
and fully cleaned it up. I paid shipping both ways, but they took care of everything else. The
motor is back in now and things seem ok.

Other changes:
1. I'm currently running 31x10.50 R15 BF Goodrich A/T tires. These are not the best tires for an
EV, but I really like the look. Highway travel is hard on the batteries. Hard to maintain more
than 60 mph. It's easy for me to use 250A x 130V (sag voltage) = 32.5 kW (or more!)
2. I've switched back to a clutches adapter from:
I'm still using my CANEV housing adapter. It's not that easy for me to switch gears, but I
typically drive in 3rd gear all the time. I really wanted to remove the flywheel since I was
having some vibrations. I saved 50 lbs by removing the flywheel and pressure plate assembly.
3. I'm using this blower:
WebPage /> ie=UTF8&psc=1 (Atwood 3" inline blower). I was using a jabsco, but I thought I'd try this one.
It's pretty loud. I'm going to try and wrap it in dynamat:
WebPage /> ie=UTF8&psc=1 to see if that helps.

Things I'm considering:
1. dual warp 9 motors. I would need to increase my voltage.
2. a Warp 11. More torque, but maybe less usable RPM?
3. battery upgrade. I need a beefier pack to give the Jeep more acceleration and/or better
highway performance. I'm considering calb 180 Ah CA batteries.
4. HPEV ac35x2 oil cooled motor system.

I'd like more performance for the fun factor. Plus, I don't feel like I have much margin
for power in my system.

4/18/17 Update:
Not much going on. Since I've been focused on a home remodel, the Jeep has not gotten much
love for the past 6 months. I finally got it up and going 2 days ago. 12V battery was dead. None
of my chargers were working so I used a 12V power adapter to get my DC/DC to turn on and
charge up the battery a little. Looks like I may have one bad cell (had 1 cell at 2V which was
setting of low voltage alert on BMS which then keep charger from charging!) The other
cells had ~3.2V.

While I would like to switch to an AC motor and a beefier pack, it's not in the budget right now.
For now the Jeep is on a limited maintenance program - will just drive around the neighborhood
for now.

For sure I need a new 12V battery (doesn't want to take a charge.)
Also, I have 1 ore more bad cells or bad connections in my high voltage pack. Not
up for spending the time to debug all my issues right now.

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