OwnerMatt Carroll
LocationFareham, England United Kingdom map
Vehicle2009 Citroen C1 Ev'ie
This is my Citroen C1 Ev'ie
Motor AC-50 3-Phase AC
Unknown Motor brand - but it is rated at 30kw
Drivetrain30kw AC Motor
ControllerCurtis 1238r
Curtis AC controller upto 650 amp but limited to 320 amps.
Batteries25, 3.30 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Thundersky Lithium-Ion Battery 25 cells & 160ah which give
13.2kwh of stored energy
System Voltage83 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
Zivan NG3 charger set for 96 volts and 18 amp output. The car
has got a custom BMS that monitors and keeps the battery pack
balanced and controls the charger.
HeaterElectric heater heats a small fluid reservoir and this in turn uses the
existing heat exchanger. The heater draws 35 amps from the main battery pack ( 2.8 kw )
DC/DC Converter
HWZ1 13.6 volt 25 amp max
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
The top speed is limited by the controller.
AccelerationThe car if fairly quick in getting from 0 - 30 mph and then slowly
makes it way up to 60. I have had it at 65 mph.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
It has a maximum range of 60 miles. When the car gets to 25%
soc it limits the speed to 30mph. I have found this to be a realistic
number for the range of the car.
EV Miles
Start:6,514 Miles (10,481 Kilometers)
Current:13,320 Miles (21,431 Kilometers)
Total:6,806 Miles (10,950 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityIt will seat 4 adults in comfort.
Curb Weight1,900 Pounds (863 Kilograms)
The curb weight of the vehicle is under 900kg
TiresNormal 14 inch tyres which I have inflated to 34psi
Additional FeaturesThere is a Curtis Instrument that gives the battery voltage, current draw and the % SOC
I have fitted a red led voltage display in the center console so I can easily see what the pack voltage is.
This is a car converted by the ECCPLC company in London. I bought the car second hand.

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