Battery detail
OwnerCharles Swiger
LocationCharleston, West Virginia United States map
Vehicle2011 Nishiki Tamarack
Bike from sporting goods store, steel frame, front fork and seat suspension. Added a Crystalyte brushless/sensorless Phoenix II Brute hub motor from
MotorCrystalyte HT3525 Brushless DC
round, black
DrivetrainElectric hub motor.
ControllerCrystalyte 4825
25 amp controller does not discharge the batteries much more than a 1C rate. Thinking of upgrading to a 40A controller.
Batteries160 Sony US18650GR, 3.70 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Cells removed from new/obsolete Dell notebook computer battery packs found on eBay and reassembled into a 12p 14s bike pack. Used hollow composite material fence post from lumber yard to house the batteries with foam core spacing and lots of silicon glue. Built with cooling in mind but the discharge rate never exceeds 1C at full throttle (24A).
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger TSL 48-6
GBS TSL48-6 Charger came from Purchased with a set of 48V 20AH LiFePO4 (EB-20-16 application package) and works great with the 14s 24AH pack.
HeaterPedal faster!
DC/DC Converter
InstrumentationCycle Analyst / Crystalyte display
Top Speed31 MPH (49 KPH)
flat road speed gets up to about 31MPH
AccelerationModerate, helps to pedal from full stop.
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
After about 25 miles up and down the hilly local terrain we're down to about 80% DOD.
Watt Hours/Mile38 Wh/Mile
According to cycle analyst
EV Miles
Current:198 Miles (318 Kilometers)
    As of 9/19/2011
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight80 Pounds (36 Kilograms)
Tirestwo, one stock Nishiki and one WalMart tire with green slime inner tube for the laced rim/hub from electricrider
Conversion TimeAbout a month
Conversion Cost$1400 estimated
Additional FeaturesBatteries assembled in fence post material (long square) with foam core padding and lots of silicon glue, taped up and mounted on the bike frame using aluminum U-channel and U-bolts and threaded rod. Works great!
Had some problems with spokes breaking - not sure if I just did not keep up on tightening or what. Replaced with another set of the Crystalyte 12 gauge but with some brass washers under the spoke head to bring the bend closer to the hub. So far so good, but have some Sapim 12 gauge spokes form Holmes Hobbies LLC ready to go in case this last set starts breaking. I'm a 230lb rider!

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