Owner's Other EV1984 Fiat X19
LocationEureks Springs, Arkansas US map
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Vehicle2011 Hodge Podge
My goal is to build this contraption entirely
from the scrap pile behind my shop. Most of the
auto parts are Fiat with a dash of Dodge and
Chevy. I might have to buy some tubing for the
cage when I get it going.
MotorAdvanced DC AOO4009 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainThe motor is a six inch ADC. I have an Alltrax
controller and plan to run at least 72 volts.
The power is transmitted to a machined down Fiat
third member via chain drive. The ratio is 3:1.
ControllerAlltrax AXE7242
Batteries0.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Heaterlong under wear
Instrumentationeventually amp and volt going to need a tack
Top SpeedI don't know how fast it will go. All I will
need is 25-35 mph as it is to crawl around my
property on.
AccelerationNot important
RangeI hope I can get at least 15 mpc. I only have
about 20 acres to cover with a steep hill.
Seating CapacityTwo adults and some fire wood in the back and
maybe a dog if he is not muddy or wet.
Curb Weight0
I am shooting for under 1,000 pounds.
TiresWhat ever
Conversion Timehopefully before I die. I spend a couple of
hours a week so it is not a rush job.
Conversion CostSo far $5 for some nuts and bolts. All ready had
the motor and controller so I am cheating and
not counting that.1/7/2012 spent maybe anther
$10 counting welding rod/wire.
Scrapped the project and salvaged usable parts.

code by jerry