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LocationEpinal, Vosges France map
Vehicle2011 hi power brushless scooter
A powerful scooter, pocket bike based, powered by a 7000w brushless outrunner
MotorTurnigy 80/100/180 Brushless DC
7000w rated motor
Drivetrain8/54 chain drive
ControllerTurnigy HV 160A
Batteries12 Zippy, 50.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
System Voltage50 Volts
ChargerRobbe 1000w dual charger
InstrumentationTurnigy wattmeter speedometer
Top Speed37 MPH (59 KPH)
Top speed is enough for me.
AccelerationAwesome!!! can't hold the front wheel on the ground.
Range8 Miles (12 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight40 Pounds (18 Kilograms)
Tirespocket bike wheels
Conversion Time1 month design and build
Conversion Costtoo much
Additional FeaturesThe scooter is almost finished. The last version will be belt driven because the chain drive is too noisy.

It's very powerful, you have to be very careful while accelerating, I had peaks of 6000 watts.


code by jerry