OwnerPierre Audette
Owner's Other EVs1978 Honda CB400T
Recycled Beater Bike
Folding Electric Bike
Board Tracker
Off road kick scooter
LocationGatineau, Quebec Canada map
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VehicleBladez XTR 450 SE
Stand up scooter with penumatic tires
Motorunknown Permanent Magnet DC
24V, 450W
Batteries2 Power Sonic 12 Ah, 12.00 Volt,
System Voltage24 Volts
Top Speed16 MPH (25 KPH)
Claimed by manufacturer
Range12 Miles (19 Kilometers)
Probably somewhere around 20-30 minutes, not sure if it really does that distance, depending on road surface
Curb Weight58 Pounds (26 Kilograms)
Tires10" x 3" pneumatic, 60 psi
Additional FeaturesThis model can support rider up to 240 lbs! Not your typical kiddie toy scooter
Stock right now. I have changed the power wires so I can hook up a Lipoly pack (6S) to save some weight.
Seems to be a good platform to make upgrades. Apparently the motor and controller can sustain 36V.

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