OwnerRyan Jeambey
LocationWheaton, Illinois United States map
Vehicle1996 Trek Jazz Synthesis
48V 1000W Front Hub Motor Electric
converted 12-speed hybrid style bicycle.
Motor 48V 1000W Brushless DC
Conhis motor from China.
Drivetrain1000W hub motor direct drive.
Controller Conhis Brand (China)
48V 1000W Chinese ebike
Batteries4 Power Sonic PS-12180, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
4X- 12V batteries wired in series for a
total voltage of 48. 18AH
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger Shuo Guan Intelligent Charger 17-20AH
Shuo Guan Chinese 48v charger.
HeaterFor heat: Pedal more, throttle less. Wear
a jacket.

For A/C: use more throttle, and pedal
DC/DC Converter Tobsun 120W
Chinese built 48v to 12v 10A dc-dc
InstrumentationCheap bike speedometer from Target.
Accuracy is great, I checked it with my
Top Speed31 MPH (49 KPH)
Pedal/electric hybrid can go 27 top speed
on electric only, or 30 with pedaling and
electric. (update: with Lifepo4 batteries
installed, it goes 31 with no pedaling!)
AccelerationSlightly slower than a car up to 30.
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
With pedaling and electric, its about 25
miles. On only electric, its about 12
Watt Hours/MileI'll figure this out later.
EV Miles
Current:1,025 Miles (1,649 Kilometers)
    As of 9/30/2019
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight117 Pounds (53 Kilograms)
Bike 22 lbs.
Motor 40 lbs.
Battery 55 lbs.
Rider (me) 260 lbs.
(update: lifepo4 20AH pack saves 30

Lithium batteries are in the mail and
will significantly reduce weight once
TiresCheng Chin 700x40c with kevlar strip.
Conversion Time1-2 hours
Conversion Cost$600
Additional FeaturesAftermarket Steel Fork.

Steel Torque Arm.

Bontrager "Bikerack II" for holding batteries.

Water Bottle Holder.

A little bit of strategically placed Silicone RTV Sealant
right where the wires go into the motor.


I pretty much never use my ICE car anymore. I can get to
work in the same amount of time it takes to drive. My
normal cruising speed is about 23 MPH.

This bike is a work in progress. It is operational, but
it is not complete.

Work yet to be done:

install lithium batteries. (I ordered them express, but
they shipped them sea-mail anyway. Waiting. Still
waiting.)(update: finally arrived!!! Lithium is awesome.)

install baskets for carrying cargo.

upgrade controller to one with regenerative braking

install controller on battery bag with quick release wire
connectors so I can take battery and controller with me
when I lock it up.

install centerstand/dual kickstand (Update: Done. It's a
great addition)

install headlight (Update: Done! LED Headlight installed)

install taillight

install horn (Update: Done. Not very loud, so i'll
replace it later with something else)

Update 10/11/2011: I got the lithium batteries finally,
and they are great. I ordered a dc-dc converter, however
i haven't hooked it up yet. With a 12V circuit, i will be
able to install a car horn, and a bright headlight. Over
a thousand miles and i'm still riding it every day.

code by jerry