LocationNewark, New Jersey United States map
Vehicle1994 BMW 325i
Here are some details: Black on grey leather, 5speed, sunroof,
limo tint; brand new tires and brakes; ICE's coolant system recently
serviced by previous owner (but like engine, all is being sold soon);
vehicle has minor front body damage only and was sold by
previous owner because he did not want to put more money into
the BMW.
Batteries0.00 Volt,
EV Miles
Start:126,000 Miles (202,734 Kilometers)
Curb Weight2,856 Pounds (1,298 Kilograms)
Conversion TimeSee below.
Conversion Cost1) 1994 BMW 325i - $1080
2) 1/2" swivel for ratchet and 1/2" extension bar - $18
3) Socket Ratchet set - $50 - Standard sizes - A must have for removing drive shaft and exhaust bolts.
1) July 22 6 hours, July 23 3 hours, July 24 6 hours - all the following has been completed
- hood removed, damaged front body and other front body components (headlights, grill,
"now useless" plastic) removed, AC condenser and AC fan removed, radiator system
removed, all oil has been drained, battery removed, intake system removed, and the
exhaust has only 3 stubborn bolts holding y-pipe to headers and it is gone.
2) July 25 and 26 - 4 hours removing final y-pipe nut and heat shields and then
disassembling exhaust for resale.
3) July 27-28 - 4 hours - Removed back seats and entire fuel system from vehicle. Had to cut fuel tank in half using manual saw, because brake lines, which I didn't want to remove yet, were last object holding tank from removal (also had to remove rear drive shaft for fuel system removal). Next step is to find a used engine hoist and remove engine from transmission and engine bay. All parts removed and still in usable condition are posted for sale.
4)August 12 - Still awaiting sales for removed parts.

code by jerry