VogueBoot (Trunk) battery packsMotor ready to installMotor and cradleDashboardEngine BayFront passenger seat partially finishedRear seat, seatbelts and carpet installe
OwnerJohn Wright
LocationMelbourne, Victoria Australia map
Vehicle1965 Humber (Singer) Vogue Mk3
Four door sedan similar to Hillman cars of
the 1960s. The Vogue has non-power assisted
front 9" disc brakes and was previously an
automatic with a 1600cc engine. Sold in the
UK as a Singer Vogue.
MotorQin Wei 132 Frame 3-Phase AC
Three phase, 4 pole, AC Induction Motor
with 'H' class insulation, 220 VAC
nominal, shaft encoder, embedded
thermistor, non-shaft fan. Made to order
by manufacturer in Taiwan. Peak torque 255
NM (188 ft/lb) is available up to 3000 RPM
(about 80km/hr) - torque starts dropping
off above 80km/hr.
DrivetrainDirect motor to tail shaft. No gearbox.
Differential is 4.22:1 ratio. (It SHOULD
have a 3.89:1 but measurements indicate
ControllerLenze EVF9329
A compact industrial 45kW, 3
phase VFD with vector mode and torque
control. I am using incremental encoder
feedback and custom configuration. The
Lenze 93xx controllers allow a large
degree of "programming" using function
blocks so the torque/speed control is
elaborate and flexible. Higher power
controller is under way. Curiously I have
"seen" over 50kW into the controller (88A
at 570V) so
45kW is apparently its output rating.
Batteries384 Headway 38120S, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
12 packs with 32 cells arranged as 16S2P.
Total 12kWH.
Each pack is 53 Volts and has it's own
integral BMS. The BMS system has been
modified to bring out an error signal that
feeds the controller which sounds an alarm
(amongst other things) if there is a
battery problem.
System Voltage614 Volts
ChargerKingpan KP4803SL
There are 12 of 58.3V, 3A chargers. A
separate charger for each of the 12
battery packs. To stop the chargers
draining the packs, the chargers each have
a pair of 3A paralleled diodes in series
to the packs and have been re-adjusted to
59.8V. The chargers have also been
modified to a two stage current limit - 3
A, then 180 mA when the pack BMS indicates
any cell within is fully charged. (180mA
is the BMS shunt capability for balancing
Heater1500 Watt ceramic with custom continuously
variable control using PWM. Control on dash
is exactly the same mechanically as orginal
heater tap control.
DC/DC Converter Generic SMPSs
Two 240 VAC to 12V x 20 Amp SMPSs (Switch
Mode Power Supplies). One SMPS runs off
+300V to pack centre and the other off
-300V to pack centre - this keeps the
whole pack drain fairly balanced. Total
output 40 Amps. SMPSs were re-adjusted to
13.7 VDC. I removed the fans and added 2
large heatsinks then mounted both supplies
in back-to-back plastic cases - dust and
water proof.
InstrumentationCustom speedo cluster with 3 x LCD
readouts (that's why the start ODO is 0).
All instruments on dash are replaced with
custom instruments fitting in exactly the
same places. Main reason for this large
change is the lack of a speedo cable since
there is no gearbox.
Top Speed76 MPH (122 KPH)
Theororetical top speed based on 150 Hz to
motor. It turns out that the controller can
do 300Hz so the limit will be the "wind
wall" - probably about 130km/h.
AccelerationAround 0-60MPH in 18 seconds currently. The
new controller should drop this to around 11
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
Range (to 80% DOD) is around 70 km at 60-
80 km/hr. Very close to the spreadsheet
Later addition - with ambient temperatures
above 20c my range is above 80km for 80%
DOD. Pretty happy for a small pack
Watt Hours/Mile192 Wh/Mile
Battery to wheel. Measured over 4000km. Most
days are around 120 Wh/km with some rare
days at 145 Wh/km. Sorry - metric is easier.
EV Miles
Current:20,880 Miles (33,595 Kilometers)
    As of 8/28/2017
Seating CapacityFour adults. No real reason other than I
have replaced all seatbelts and I have no
reason to seat five.
Curb Weight2,376 Pounds (1,080 Kilograms)
The car is currently about 6kg lighter than
original. Weight distibution is within a few
kilograms of original.
TiresHancook Enfren 185/65R13 Low Rolling
Conversion TimeAbout 4 years. Serious work about 3 years
and 9 months. I work full time so this has
been a part-time activity. More than half
the time was on interior restoration.
Conversion CostRestoration $13534 (not counting original
Conversion excluding batteries: $5296.
Batteries, BMSs & chargers: $7980
Total: $26810
I'll update these figures as the
spreadsheet changes.
(All in Australian dollars.)
Additional FeaturesNo gearbox. Motor is coupled directly to tailshaft so
acceleration is slow to about 20km/hr - then it picks up a lot!
Not having a gearbox was done in the interests of range.
(Still quicker than original automatic ICE.)
First drive on 24th July 2011. No window glass, door handles,
trim, lights, dash or boot lid.
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Except for mounting the rear chargers and installing the new
heater, the electrics are finished.

August 2011. Rear chargers mounted - now working on interior
seats, trim etc. Headlining clipped in but not glued. Have
ordered new carpet.

Mid October 2011. Still restoring brightwork (trim) and
installing lights etc. Waiting for carpet and some re-chromed
bits to arrive. Still haven't glued headlining in so can't
install windscreens yet.

1st November 2011. Headlining glued in. Now fitting new
dashpad. Once that's done we can get the windscreens in.

30th December 2011. Installed the front 1/4 vent windows.

2nd January 2012. Installed the rear windscreen.

7-8th January 2012. Installed dashpad (hardest restoration
job so far) - critical path for installing front windscreen.
Located and ordered a pair of rear 1/4 light seals - whew!
Should have them by next weekend.

6th March 2012. Still going on the interior - slow but
continuous progress.

21st May 2012. Rear 1/4 light windows and front windscreen
are in. Sounds straight forward - it wasn't. See the blog for

31st July 2012. Interior nearly finished enough to drive.
Just need to get the glovebox and dash in. The door linings
can wait until after we have measured 60kmh and 80kmh current

12th August 2012. Second drive. Cut short by deplorably low
battery capacity caused by bad pack cell balance.

I'm balancing packs now - there appears to be no damage.

9th September 2012. We went for a 20km drive this weekend.
All went well - regen. braking was impressive. The battery
packs appear to be fine now they are balanced. Efficiency was
around 146wh/km battery to wheel.

19th December 2012. I drove to work to get new tyres on the
car today. I now have Hankook Enfren low rolling resistance
tyres. 38km travelled with 142wh/km battery to wheel.

2nd February 2013. The Engineer gave final approval for the
Vogue today. A few questions and a quick drive (I drove) and
he attached the Electric Drive sticker.

5th February 2013. The Vogue is now approved by Vic Roads
(road authority). It was already registered so it was a
Change of Vehicle Details - an Electric Drive system.

15th April 2013. The Vogue is my daily driver now. One week
on the road and so far none of the niggles have stopped me.

28th October 2013. The Odometer passed 3000 this week. The
Vogue had a couple of weeks off while I had the brake master
cylinder re-sleeved and restored.

14th January 2014. Still my daily driver although the Vogue
is taking the week off in the garage while we have four
consecutive days over 40 degrees C here - and I don't have
under cover parking at work.

18th March 2014. Still going strong. A couple of charger
failures but they were fixable and my spare chargers kept me
on the road while I was repairing them. In both cases one of
the two main power transistors had failed.

20th June 2014. About to replace all bushings in the front
end. 49 year old rubber allows a bit too much steering play.
Another charger has failed but this one has shorted turns in
the main high frequency transformer. I'll put a little bit of
effort into getting it apart and maybe rewind. Meanwhile I
have only one spare charger.

29th August 2014. For various reasons the front end work has
been postponed for a month or two (or six). I have everything
ready but life gets in the way. Vogue still going strong.

2nd December 2014. Still my daily.

Jun 2015. Into winter here and 80% DOD range is down to 73km.
It got pretty cold early (May) this year. I really have to
get some time to fix some minor restoration issues (winding
window rubber) but otherwise all great.

Jan 2016. Back to summer range - all going well. Front end
work still being deferred - this time until after my
daughter's wedding in Feb. Vogue is the wedding car. See

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