Owner's Other EV1974 Porsche 914
LocationSacramento, California United States map
Vehicle2011 Nissan Leaf
Glacier Pearl White SL +QC
Motor 3-Phase AC
Nissan OEM
Drivetrain80kW Nissan
Nissan OEM
Batteries96, 3.40 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Nissan Partner OEM batteries
System Voltage350 Volts
Nissan OEM
DC/DC Converter
Nissan OEM
Top Speed95 MPH (152 KPH)
typical for an EV
Acceleration9 sec to 60
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
EPA 73, but I can typically get about 100 miles.
Watt Hours/Mile250 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:12 Miles (19 Kilometers)
Current:14,500 Miles (23,330 Kilometers)
Total:14,488 Miles (23,311 Kilometers)
    As of 7/24/2013
Seating Capacity5 adults
Conversion Timezero
Conversion Costzero
Very nice OEM EV. There are definitely some things I'd like to see them change, but overall a
great car.

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