OwnerYann LELONG Revolts Engineering, re-volts.com
Owner's Other EV1998 Daelim VT
LocationVersailles, Ile-de-France France map
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Vehicle1962 Renault Dauphine
An original US Dauphine brought back to France in 2008. It was found in NY suburbs with original electronic schematics in the trunk. Papers were from Bell LABS, dated 1971 to 1973, so it may have been a test car for the original electronic controller (regenerative braking provided) that is still inside. Didn't try to energize it anyway.
Motor Delco Remy, probably a modified forklift motor Separately Excited DC
8,7" sepex motor, with external fan.
It seems to have been modified. Many parts were badly rusted under an old paint as it was probably older than the original project. A diode was found in the field coils string. It was still running when I received the car. I dismantled and restored it. New Carbone Lorraine brushes fitted and strong bus bars replaced tiny wiring.
Drivetrainoriginal 3 speed renault transaxle. You can only select 3rd or reverse.
Controller Bell labs 1971 prototype
The original controller is a strange cocktail of early 70's electronic (42 TO3 transistors on an aluminium rail, two electronic modules (one for armature current control, the other for the field), and 6 or more big relays. No filtering caps. All that stuff is in the motor bay (rear mounted configuration).
Batteries14, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
original pack replaced the rear seats, on a wooden structure.
System Voltage84 Volts
the original charger is made from 6 combined transformers attached on an aluminium frame. It's placed under the front hood and a little AC fan cools the whole thing. A switch selects fast and slow.
DC/DC Converter
The original conversion seemed to use the IC version lead battery for the ancilliaries.
InstrumentationArm and field Amps (arm is -200 to 400, field 0 to 20, traction and aux battery volts with 3 nice vintage analog meters
Seating Capacity2 adults, rear seats sacrified for batteries...
Curb Weight2,200 Pounds (999 Kilograms)
the new battery set will be heavier (120 Ah to 180)
Additional Featuresvintage controller replaced with sevcon 450 amps powerpack. Will add digital meters for arm temp, amps, volts and maybe rpm.
I'm now putting it back on the road with the original motor, slightly modified to work with a SEVCON powerpack (reduced field impedance, no more common ground between arm and field, better brushes and thicker wiring), and a fresh set of 180 Ah AGM. The original pack was 120 Ah 84 Volts of flooded bakelite.

The body had only light rust on it, the only things i had to seriously look after were the brakes (new flexibles an every rubber parts), and wheels (paint and new tires). I do not want to restore it, just let it as it was found and hide the modern electronics.

Will let the original parts in it as it may be one of the oldest known fully electronic controlled car, probably a test car inspired by the famous HENNEY KILOWATT.

Please tell me the story of that piece of history ! Anybody from BELL LABS ?

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