The beast is out of thereEmpty nest syndromeAfter 9 months waiting ABB gave birth toMotor NameplateSemikron Skiip ModuleDC Links CAPS & DC-DC ConvertorBench Test SetupDrive Chain
OwnerBernard Mentink
LocationChristchurch, Canterbury New Zealand map
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Vehicle1995 Holden Calibra
This car is also branded Opel Calibra or
Vauxhall Calibra. It is the low drag co-
efficient (0.26) 8-Valve version.
MotorAsea Brown Boveri Industrial Motor 3GAA 131 008-HSE 3-Phase AC
Changed tack on the motor yet again,
Finally decided on this 140kw peak,
350Nm peak motor that does better than
a lot of motors designed for the EV
market. It is a little on the heavy
side at 91kg, but not overly so ..
DrivetrainNo gearbox. Will mount a 3:1 ratio
independent diff from a V8 Holden
Commodore to the front axial and drive
directly with the motor.
Controller Custom
Will use the KiwiAC STM32 based
controller feeding a Skiip 900v 200A
Semikron power module.

The KiwiAC module includes an isolated
contactor interface.

The software running on the controller
will be open source code from the
Tumanako site.

Doing it this way gives me full
of the motor algorithm ... after all,
you would not buy a car you could not
tune yourself .. would you?
Batteries448 Headway 16A/H, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
The motor/controller combo is capable
of 900v DC ( running at bus of 716V
leaving plenty of headroom for regen),
am using 224x2p arrangement for
the cells.

As these cells are capable of 10C
continuous, that equals a total of
x 2 = 320A continuous available if I
need (however the controller is
to 200A) Normal use (0.5C, only couple
of amps per cell) should be very good
for the life of the cells.

E.G: 8 amps per cell = 8x2 = 16A x
= 11.45Kw = ~16Hp

On the other hand peak horsepower =
200A x 716V = 143.2Kw = 191Hp (minus
System Voltage716 Volts
ChargerElcon TCCH-312-5.5 x 2
I will use two chargers, each one will
charge 1/2 the pack.
HeaterNo plans yet.
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell HLG-240H-15A
Going to use a small motorcycle
for my auxiliary 12v supply and use
these 240VAC/15VDC LED lighting power
supplies to keep it charged and supply
aux power, they are rated to 277VAC so
handle 400V input fine, and I have
that the output voltage adjusts down
13.8V just fine with an output current
of 15A. They are rated at 225W and are
current and voltage limited.

I will use two of these, each one
1/2 the pack with the outputs in
InstrumentationWill make my own that interface to the
controller that will display system

Also will use two existing meters on
car as ammeter and voltmeter.
Top Speed100 MPH (160 KPH)
Initial trial will be at 1/2 pack
of 362V so top speed will be approx
110Km/hr, running at full 716V, I expect
top speed of 160Km/hr
AccelerationWill let you know ..
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
My aim is to commute to-from work,
trip of 60 miles, so going to design
for 70% DOD at 100miles. My design
calculations show a 160km range(100m)
based on
weight and kw/hrs.
EV Miles
Start:74,500 Miles (119,870 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight2,640 Pounds (1,200 Kilograms)
1200 kgs Starting kerb weight, hope to
reduce it down to 2200 lbs (1000kgs)
TiresGoing to re-fit with low profile ones
pump them up hard. Also add solid hub
Conversion TimeSo far it has taken 10 months, but
because I had to wait 9 months for the
motor to arrive. Lead time is the
Conversion CostAiming for < $25000 New Zealand
donor car.
Additional FeaturesWill have under-body streamlined to reduce drag when

Ordered ABB motor

Removed ICE, gearbox, muffler, tank etc from car.

Got drawing made of motor->gearbox adapter plate done.

Changed tack on the drive coupling. Now going to direct
drive motor to a diff mounted to the front wheels
I had enough spare torque to not need the gearbox).

Just scored a 900V 200A Semikron Skiip power module off
Ebay for $220US, this will form the basis for my
controller, so have upped my pack voltage to get some
horses out of the motor .. I am buying the batteries
and will fine tune the optimum battery voltage 1st.

I should be able to do the complete 180Kw capable
controller for around $1200NZ now, the alternative for
was the Tritium controller at $8000NZ, so a BIG saving,
and I can run at double the voltage ... yay ....

After 9months delivery time, finally have my motor from
ABB,and the Semikron power module is on it's way, once I
purchase some DC link caps and the contactors, I will be
able to test bench.

--------- 20-Jan-2012---------
The Semikron Skiip power module has arrived. Once I have
received the DC link caps and the contactors, I will
bench testing at 36v.

--------- 27-Jan-2012---------
January has been a productive month. My DC/DC converter
and the DC-Link caps have just arrived.

--------- 21 Feb-2012---------
Completed initial bench test with 36V Bus voltage, motor
accelerated very smoothly to 3000 rpm. Now to rob some
more car batteries to test at higher voltages. Will use
this time to fine tune the software on the KiwiAC
controller, space-vector modulation together with slip
control works and IFOC (Field oriented Control) is a
in progress .. when that is completed, it will be the
preferred control method.

---------- 6 April-2012 ---------
Commodore V8 independent diff and motor are being
on the sub-frame complete with rubber mounts. The whole
lot will be lifted up from the bottom of the car and
bolted in place. Finished mounting the Hall-effect
throttle assembly .. hopefully in a couple of weeks will
have the wheels turning :-)

---------- 17 Oct-2012 ---------
Have the motor finally connected to the wheels, see
latest photos .. I have heaps of space to mount
controller and control gear, that is happening next ..

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