sans batteries & cowlingswith batteriesbatteries & wiringinstrument cluster
OwnerEd Stepanic
LocationBurlington, Ontario Canada map
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Vehicle1991 Suzuki GSX600F
Road worthy motorcycle intended for in-town travel and capable on
secondary highway use.
MotorPerm Motor PMG 132 Permanent Magnet DC
7.2 kW @ 72VDC The smallest PM DC motor for its power rating at the
Drivetrain14t drive and 60t driven sprockets, #40 chain, more efficient for speeds
ControllerCurtis 1205M
72V, 400A PWM controller
Batteries96 Headway 38120S, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Three 24V battery banks series-parallel configured for 40Ahr.
System Voltage72 Volts
One 800W charger under the gas tank. One 2kW charger (custom
design by ElectroCraft EV Systems) at home.
DC/DC Converter PST-DC4812
Powerstream 48 to 12V @12A (accepts 80V input - adjusted for 13.6V
Instrumentationstock speedo & Cycle Analyst
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
About 110km/h (68 mph) on slight downhill grade.
AccelerationWith current set to 300A, pulls very well off the line.
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Farthest trip so far -- 45km (28 miles) at an average speed of 60km/h
Watt Hours/Mile130 Wh/Mile
Determined by time it takes to recharge the motorcycle x charger power
draw from AC supply / distance traveled. This method includes losses.
EV Miles
Start:41,573 Miles (66,890 Kilometers)
Current:49,500 Miles (79,645 Kilometers)
Total:7,927 Miles (12,754 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight400 Pounds (181 Kilograms)
Just a guess but no heavier than stock.
TiresMetzeler Z8
Conversion TimeAt least 140 hours research and buying parts, 150 hours building on
and off... I really have no idea!
Conversion CostStopped counting but at least $10000CA, most of the cost was for
lithium batteries, motor, motor controller and chargers.
Additional FeaturesLED tail lights and signal lights. HID headlight. AC cord on retractor stolen from a vacuum cleaner.
Custom control breakout box for vehicle control and future upgrades. Removed one front rotor/caliper
to reduce weight. 72V battery common connected to chassis via 10k resistor for safety. Stash box
under the seat where the old battery compartment was.
Advice: Educate yourself about batteries, especially lithium. Had I taken the time to study up, I would
have saved a lot of cash.

Thanks to EV Album for ideas gleaned off other conversions. Thanks to my father for all the welding
work, beer, conceptual ideas and allowing me to make a mess of his garage. Thanks to Ian for cutting
the rear sprocket; looks stock.

7 September 2020
Over the years I have abused the cells sufficiently to the point of reducing max range to about 25km.
Plans are underway to replacing the entire pack to 60Ahr.

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