CG125Still a lot of work to doInstrumentsStarting to look more like a bikeTail and Stop LightSide viewNew 68 tooth rear plate wheel / sprocketWithout batteries and charger
LocationSolihull, England United Kingdom map
Vehicle1981 Honda CG125
Conversion Work in Progress. Bought as
spares without engine. Probably a few
bits missing that I have not come across
yet. Going for small short range commuter
MotorBriggs and Stratton Etek Permanent Magnet DC
Bought as a windmill generator (Manta PMG)
Drivetrain5.23:1 (13T:68T) 428 chain drive. This
replaces the 13T 56T combo that I had
started with so hopefully the acceleration
will be a little better.
Controller Home brew based on Open ReVolt Controller
100A, 48V Controller using ATMega168
uC. Based on control design of Open
ReVolt on

Work In Progress.
Batteries4 LSLC34-12, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Lucas 34AH mobility batteries, also
branded as Numax and probaby a few
other U1 form factor batteries.
Limited to U1 size battery due to tight
installation space. I also got a good
discount on these through my brother in
law. Thanks Mike.
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger AC0724A
2 x Ideal Power, 24v, 7A Chargers. Now on
board fitted inside the tank.
DC/DC ConverterPower-One SQE48T10120
120W converter. Small dimensions but
should be just enough to power the
utilities. This has just been relocated
to the throttle box.
InstrumentationStock speedo along with 2 x 4QD 24V LED
linear bar arrays and a 16x2 LCD
display. The LED arrays are not much
good but I hope to have something more
elaborate later. The LCD receives
serial data from the controller so can
be programmed to display any parameter
available from the controller. At the
moment I am sending Current, PWM duty
and calculated Amp Hours.
Just added a cycle speedo as the stock
speedo is heavily damped and I have no
idea how accurate it is.
Top Speed42 MPH (67 KPH)
This is with the 68T sprocket and a full
charge. 51 MPH (est)with the 56T
AccelerationTo be tested yet. Hopefully the larger
sprocket will make it reasonable.
Range12 Miles (19 Kilometers)
Estimate in the region of 10-12 miles. I
have to get it road legal first.
Watt Hours/Mile70 Wh/Mile
Averaged over 6 miles with start stop and
occasional 40mph bursts
EV Miles
Start:29,159 Miles (46,916 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 + a small one
Curb Weight262 Pounds (119 Kilograms)
126 Front 136 Rear
TiresStock tyres and wheels.
2.75 - 18 Front
3.00 - 18 Rear
Conversion TimeAbout 18 months so far but have only been
able to do bits on the odd weekend for the
last few months.
Additional FeaturesThe bike a conventional 12V 35W/35W headlight bulb (original
was 6V) and LED lighting for the rest of the bike. The
front headlamp has a ring of LEDs for a day running lamp.
The tail / stop lamp uses an array of LEDs and the tail lamp
is always on for visibility, driven using a 555 timer to dim
the LEDs. The brake switches bypass the 555 output to turn
the LED array full on.

The LED turn signals are driven by another 555 timer.

The battery chargers are mounted inside the tank so that I
can plug into to any mains socket for a re-charge. A small
fan is also fitted to the tank to draw air though it when
the chargers are powered.
I have not done much recently due to other commitments but I
have not been able to get insurance for the bike just yet

code by jerry