Van - front viewVan - back view60HP Motor View 160HP Motor View 260HP Motor Name PlateBatteries and test speed controller
OwnerKrystian Bialous
Owner's Other EV2006 Longzai
LocationWinnipeg, Manitoba Canada map
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Vehicle1994 Ford Aerostar AWD Eddie Bauer Edition
Was a conversion in progress until: Destroyed
in accident by drunk driver!!! :-(
Motor Oswald Synchronous Permanent Magnet 3-Phase AC
Model: MF16.3-6WR
60 HP
640 Nm Torque nom. (472 ft-lbs)
850 Nm Torque max. (627 ft-lbs)
5500 RPM max.
350 Vac 3-phase
Water Cooled
Weight: 244 Kg (537 lbs)

DrivetrainFinal setup:
Direct Drive - ie. Motor connected directly to
the AWD transfer case. (NO TRANSMISSION)

Test setup:
5 HP 3 phase AC Black Max Marathon electric
motor connected to the 5 speed manual
transmission using original clutch.
Original specs:
5 HP 230/460 Vac 7A @ 60Hz 1765 RPM

Motor re-wired as an emotor (now outputs):
10 HP 460 Vac 14A @ 120Hz 3530 RPM (5500
RPM max)
Controller Custom Built
Final setup:
1200 Volt Max
600 Amp Max
Water Cooled
IGBT power stage using:

Test Setup:
Modified Allan Bradley 1336-B030
30HP at 460Vac
Modified to run directly from batteries.
Batteries44 Power Sonic PS-12180, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Total pack weight: 554.4 lbs
Vmax = 634 Vdc (fully charged)
Vnom = 528 Vdc
System Voltage528 Volts
Charger Custom Built
120Vac or 240Vac Input
480Vac Out: gets rectified, filtered and
boosted to recharge the whole pack.
Based on Square D 2KVA 2S1F Transformer.

Weight: 50 lbs
HeaterCustom Built Peltier Junction unit. Supplies
Heat in winter and AC in the summer with the
flick of a single switch.
DC/DC Converter Custom Built
Modified PC ATX power supply. 408 Watt max. (12
Volts @ 34 Amp.)
InstrumentationOriginal Digital Dashboard plus Volt and Amp
Top Speed40 MPH (64 KPH)
Still in process of being assembled and
finished. Currently jurry rigged with a 5 HP
Motor running thru a 5 speed manual
transmission running on an Allan Bradley 1336-
B030 (30 HP) speed controller. Motor gets
quite warm.... It's pushing a lot of weight.
AccelerationFaster then a snail, slower then a rabbit!
LOL... 5 HP 15 ft-lbs torque motor moving just
over 4000 lbs of dead weight speaks for itself.
The fact that it moves at all is good.
Tires235/75R15 @ 48 PSI
Conversion Time3 years to find most of the parts and decide on
how to do it.
Build time is still being added up.... :-)
Conversion CostRough costs so far (I'll update with exact
figures later):
$1100 - batteries
$ 520 - motor (used)
$ 350 - Used Van
$ 205 - charger (so far)
$ 80 - DC-DC Converter
Additional Features* 12 Volt electric power steering pump.
* 12 Volt diaphram vacuum pump (18 in-Hg max)
for the power brakes
and heating/cooling controls.
* 12 Volt 165 Watt electric mini fridge
powered by dedicated dc-dc
* rear Munroe Air Shocks used for ride hight

* Future upgrades:
- 400 Watt (minimum) roof mounted custom
built solar panel, with a
custom MPPT connected to recharge the main
battery pack.
- hidden 1000 Watt vertical axis wind
turbine (lowered and raised
electrically with switch on dash)
- Replace all light bulbs with LED lights.
Replace front 55 Watt
Headlight bulbs with 35 Watt HID lights.
The van originally had an automatic
transmission. It was
replaced with a manual 5 speed tranny from a
1992 Ford Ranger 4x4
Truck. Direct bolt in conversion. No
modifications were required
to fit the manual transmission.

This is a Project that is still in the
process of being
finished. Currently I'm trying to make the
adapters to connect the
electric motor directly to the Transfer Case.

Original Specs:

Curb Weight: 3481 lbs.
Length: 174.9 in.
Width: 71.7 in.
Height: 72.2 in.

Wheel Base: 118.9 in.
Maximum Cargo Capacity: 140 cu. ft.
Maximum Seating: 7

Base Engine: 4 liter V6
Horsepower: 155 hp @ 4000 rpm
Torque: 230 ft-lbs. @ 2400 rpm
Drive Type: AWD

Mileage on Automatic transmission:
14 mpg / 18 mpg (City/Highway)

Mileage on Manual transmission:
16 mpg / 20 mpg (City/Highway)

code by jerry