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OwnerTeam Prominence
Owner's Other EVProminence 4X-8
LocationNagano, Nagano Japan map
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Vehicle2010 Body:Reflex700 Chassis:Swagman
Body:FRP Fairng by D&H Enterprises Pty,Ltd.,

Chassis:Recumbent trike by MR Components,

Overall L*W*H : 2,495*720*1,100 mm
MotorCrystalyte X5302 Brushless DC
DrivetrainRear direct drive with KERS
ControllerKelly KBL72151
Batteries8 FPX12170 Furukawa Battery, Japan, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
The composition of the battery module is 4s2p.
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger TAKASAGO EX-375H2
It is a switching stabilization DC power supply.
We install it in the vehicle as an in-vehicle
DC/DC ConverterKelly HWZ Series DC/DC Converter 48V to 12V 300W
InstrumentationCycle Analyst CA-HC-LS by Grin
Technologies,Canada with 50A Shunt by
Yokogawa Electric, Japan
Onboard PC + homemade software built on
LabVIEW2010 by National Instruments
(Cycle Analyst and Onboard PC are
communicating by UART)
Top Speed47 MPH (75 KPH)
AccelerationIt is the moped equal above.
Range56 Miles (90 Kilometers)
City-Suburbs, in Practical use, measured.
Watt Hours/Mile29 Wh/Mile
City-Suburbs, in Practical use, measured.
EV Miles
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
    As of 11/8/2011
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight276 Pounds (125 Kilograms)
Tires2-Front, 1-Rear

F: GreenSpeed Schocher 16-1.5
R: IRC for Solar car 20-1.75
Conversion TimeAbout 6 month
Additional FeaturesIt is street regal in Japan as "Moped-car", and has no pedal, only
powered by electric hub motor.

This vehicle recorded 17.8Wh/km of direct current edge electricity
consumption rate, 29.9Wh/km of wall edge electricity consumption
rate by the general road run of the city area - suburbs.

The WTW-GHG unit requirement that will be calculated in the future
is 13.4g-CO2/km*person.

It falls below the GHG unit requirement for domestic Passenger
Railways (18g-CO2/km*person).

There is all the above assuming the present Japanese power supply
for more information, please visit special website of P.C.D.,
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You can watch the movie of this EV from the following link.
WebPage /> (stories of concept-making-running just 3 min.)

WebPage /> (running only)

WebPage /> (before painting)

Kyodo News Service in Japan reported about PCD.

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