OwnerBillian Marinov
LocationSofia, Sofia Bulgaria map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Bulgarian made SPRINT bike, heavy steel frame, no worries with torque on the forque.
Motor 500W 36V Brushless DC
3 phase brushless DC hub motor, Hall feedback (3 sensors) Lizhou Jack Motors Company
Controller 36V 3 PHASE BLDC w/PEDELEC
Lizhou Jack Motors Company built around MC33033 IC. Runs silent and cool, even in summer. I am 104kg, the bike gets to 38kg! Pedal assist sensor included.
Batteries3 BIGBAT 12Ah SLA, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
Cool bats!!! Almost fading now, hard driven for 2 years! Some unhealthy deep discharges...
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger Js 36/100
150W, killed batts to full charge - 4-4,5 hours!
InstrumentationState of charge indicator, 3 led, very coarse, but i've learned to read it so well I can estimate mileage left just by watching it dim when the motor comes on.
Top SpeedFlat road, electricity only - 32km/h, 100% power+savage pedalling - i have no idea, maybe over 50km/h!
AccelerationKicks ass!!! I get off streetlights faster than the cars!!!
RangeHeavily dependent on where i'm going, how fast i have to get there and if i'm lazy to pedal. I can get over town and more, and Sofia is nearing 2,000,000 in size...
Curb Weight0
TiresFront one (with motor) original chinese asphalt runner tire, great! Back - original MTB tire for more grip on pedalling. Looks bit funny, but is perfect!
Conversion Cost750BGL...mmm...~520USD i suppose, including the bike.
I shall take pictures, check out the my page, it is in BG language, but the pictures there at least show the kit I got from china.

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