The GutsUpgraded Batteries
OwnerMatt Chamberlain
Owner's Other EVs1987 Suzuki SP200
1974 Triumph TR-6
2012 Nissan Leaf SuperBlack
LocationDayton, Ohio United States map
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Vehicle2010 Sears 19
550W with 4xDatasafe 8.5AH batteries.
Motor 550W Johnson Electric Motor Model 724_04025 Permanent Magnet DC
Batteries4 Datasafe NPX-35TFR, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Pretty good pick for weight - but I will have to modify the mower
with a couple additional bundles of these same batteries to be
swapped out mid-mow - or I will have to add additional onboard
batteries for increased range - the range is alright and is as
advertised - but...
System Voltage48 Volts
Top Speed2 MPH ( 3 KPH)
AccelerationDepends on song playing on headphones
RangeThe mower does what the ad says - about a 1/3 acre lawn on a
dry day with a sharp blade with not much overgrowth. I have 1/2
acre and the front is larger than the back - so I have been having
to charge mid-mow. Not really impressive according to my
neighbors who I am trying to convert off of OIL.
Curb Weight80 Pounds (36 Kilograms)
Conversion Cost$299 - on sale at Sears.
Additional FeaturesUpgrade time - after about a year of use - my rapid charging murdered the batteries - I
replaced the at first with 35AH batteries - way too heavy. I settled on 22AH batteries and I can
mow over a half acre!
This is a great mower - I believe it is made by Troybuilt for other resellers like Sears. I am in
the process of adding a 48V charging jack to the battery pack for quick charging (lowest setting
for about a half hour on my Mastec 48v 10AMP charger is all these batteries can take)

I may add 4 x 33ah AGM batteries and use the onboard charger which is UL listed and rated
up to 200AH according to its labling.

Keep the blade sharp, and don't cut in the wet as it will bog down and suck Amps, and this
mower should give great service in its "stock" state.

Update - I have upgraded the the 8AH batteries with 35AH batteries. the whole rig weighs
about 130 lbs or so - but I need the exercise, and the lawn is pretty flat

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