OwnerNader Sadek
Owner's Other EV2002 Alfa Romeo 156
LocationBeirut, Lebanon Lebanon map
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Vehicle2008 Raleigh 1999
An Electric Bicycle with a twist. This
is powered by a 11,000watt electric Etek
motor. Driven at 48volts with a 300a
brushed controller.
It's ultra fast, the
torque is phenomenal, and I should be
pleased to be the first Lebanese to
carry the flag into EV Album!

Things you need to build this:
Etek Bike:
1 Etek Brushed Motor
1 Alltrax axe 4328 controller (48v 300a)
1 magura twist grip throttle 5k
64 a123 cells
LVC (low voltage cutoff circuit board)
Battery Management Circuit Board

MotorMars ETEK old type 7/8 Permanent Magnet DC
While building I ensured there was 2.5cm
spacing to accomodate for the motor
alignment. It does not bother even when
Drivetrain18 Speeds, one gear on chainwheel is used
to link ETEK dc motor to freewheel.
Acceleration is car-like given power-to-
weight ratio.
ControllerCurtis 1204-412
I'd say go with a 300a Curtis, but
bearing in mind Curtis 'limit' the
acceleration to ease tension on chain, I
was lucky with this controller.
in hindsight, don't bother with curtis,
GET AN ALLTRAX, it's better at
Batteries64 A123 Systems A123!, 55.50 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
Lithium phosphate to be precise. These
batteries are terrific, safe, and offer
over 30 miles range. They are indeed the
bees knees!
System Voltage56 Volts
Charger Voltphreaks!
Individual chargers, 16 of them,
charging up 16 parallel batteries of
four each. So basically, to build a
pack, first assemble a parallel pack
(4p) then assemble groups into 16
series, so 16 x 4 = 64. pack weighs
Heaterpassion for Electric Vehicles!
DC/DC Converter wall wart phone charger in reverse.
Gives 5v output, excellent for LED front
lights and charging the blackberry via
Instrumentation4 x LIPO battery alarms, LVC is very
important so as not to kill batteries.
Top Speed63 MPH (101 KPH)
The Top speed can be higher, as I only use
the lowest gear, the second from lowest,
and to achieve highway speeds third lowest
;). 63mph clocked on odometer on third
highest with plenty of torque for 80mph+
Acceleration0-40mph in 5 seconds, under 300a
load.(batteries supply pulse current).
Range32 Miles (51 Kilometers)
Recorded on A123 batts, terrific range.
Watt Hours/Mile511 Wh/Mile
Extremely good on range as long as decent
acceleration is used, no sudden jerky
movements...if pushing it battery is done
in 6 miles
EV Miles
Current:180 Miles (289 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight49 Pounds (22 Kilograms)
Completely lightweight. Does not feel like
it's 20kg. bearing in mind this includes
bicycle weight (steel frame).
Conversion Time9 months.
Conversion Cost1200GBP or $1800.
Additional FeaturesHas the ability to outrace most cars due to torque. Needs a
new chain in around 1000 miles or so, however any hx 610
chain will do well for over 5,000 miles. Remember, you need
a controller that 'regulates the acceleration' or else the
chain snaps...15hp on a chain gradually is entirely possible
and feasible...however 15hp INSTANT torque will bust the
chain open.

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