Once there was a toy chopper...Chopper frame after strippingChopper frame Another ViewDetails of the Scooter Bodies AttachedOverhead View
Owner's Other EVsChinese-Made Eagle Scooter
Mark's Turf Pro
1980 Suzuki GS 450
LocationHuntsville, Alabama United States map
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Vehicle Safety 1st Chopper Trike
a 3-wheeled chopper-looking kid's electric scooter, stripped to the frame and having 2 scooters added to make a frankentrike...
MotorUnite Motor MY 1016
Drivetrain2 small motors, each running a rear wheel originally, now with 2 separate scooter motors one is 500 watt and the other (which will be replaced) is 250 watt.
scooters' original 25 amp controllers
Batteries2, 0.00 Volt,
System Voltage24 Volts
I bought this toy scooter at my favorite thrift store just to get the front end and the frame. The rest of the scooter is going one way or other. I will probably modify the frame to accept an adult body and weight, maybe even mate it to the business end of a mobility scooter? We'll see soon enough!

UPDATE: I decided to use the 2 cheap Chinese scooters I had to make this into a frankenscooter. See pictures for the progress.

UPDATE: New pics show the trike has come together... I tried to tie in the second motor to the wiring harness to use the one throttle, but it didn't want to work. I decided that the controller must have been bad, so I just tied the motor itself directly into the circuit right before the first controller. It seemed to work fine and the trike rolls, but I now need to tie in an extra set of batteries for additional amperage.

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