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OwnerMartin Dixon
LocationElk Grove, California United States map
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Vehicle2002 R2 Aggressor 100w
I modified this scooter for my senior project,
from the poorly designed scooter it was, into
what it is now, a sleek and stylish scooter. It
is no longer 100w, it's 1500w and is a lot
Motor 2HP Permanent Magnet DC
The scooter uses a 2HP Black & Decker Lawn Edger
DrivetrainThe power starts from the 2HP lawn edger
motor. It goes thought a gearbox(1), before
reaches the 11 tooth chain sprocket(2). The
power travels up a #25 size chain(3) to the
Transmission Generator's 65 tooth sprocket(4).
It's transferred thought the Transmission
Generator(5), which generates power to help
power the 2HP motor, to a 13tooth belt cog(6).
Finally the power travels up a vacuum cleaner
5m belt(7),where it finally reaches the 65
tooth wheel gear(8) and moves you forward.
Controller MXA 068 Modified
This controller is made by Maxx Electronics.
It has been modified to accept 5K Throttle
Potentiometer and High Current Dinkle ESK116V

It is 24V controller with, six 30amps MOSFETs
in a parallel circuit. Which means
theoretically it can push out 180amps.(but I
only use at most 62.5amps)
Batteries40 Intellect NiMH Sc 4600mAh high capacity Rechargeab, 1.20 Volt, Nickel-Cadmium, Sealed/Dry
These are very high power racing batteries that
can discharge at 46amps. I wired 40 of these
batteries in a series/parallel combination to
give me a 24v 9.2amp battery pack. That a total
discharge of 92amps!
System Voltage24 Volts
ChargerTenergy 19.2V-24V Multi-Current Smart Universal NiMH/NiCD
What can I say, it charges the batteries.

Charge Time: about 7hrs and 15mins
HeaterLovely California Weather
Seating CapacityOne Standing
TiresUltra low-resistance polyurethane "tires" molded
to the rims
Conversion TimeN/A
Conversion Cost$1000
Additional FeaturesCustom Body Kit
Custom Head light
Custom Tail lights
Unique Drivetrain System
Neon Coming soon!!!
This project so far is unfinished 05/13/10
Picture Update 06/29/10
Aiming to finish by 09/25/10

code by jerry