MuzzaMuzza's new motor
OwnerLloyd McLeod
LocationAuckland, Auckland New Zealand map
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Vehicle1988 Mazda B1600 pickup (known as a Ute down-under)
Conversion in process
Motor 3-Phase AC
15HP industrial 3phase, 4-pole, 400V AC air-cooled
Drivetrain15HP motor, direct drive to 4.8:1 diff
Controller PDL Microdrive MK3 - 31A
25 HP, 3phase, 400V, 31A per phase industrial, software programmable, regeneration VSD capable of 200Hz
Batteries48 Century Battery Company GDC33, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
33AH of 48 x 12V = 576V
System Voltage576 Volts
Charger Meanwell ESC-240-54
12 x Meanwell 54V 216W Desktop Battery Charger
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell SP-320-13.5 320W
2 x 22A
InstrumentationPlanning for Fuel Gauge Driver from EV Works
Top SpeedWill be happy with 80km/h (50MPH)
AccelerationExpected to be equal or better, original 1600cc ICE could barely pull the skin off a rice pudding
RangeHoping for 60km (40 miles)
Seating Capacity2-3 single cab
Curb Weight0
GVM is 2350 kg (5180 lb) so got plenty of allowance for batteries
Conversion CostEst NZ$13K (US9,000)
Additional FeaturesNo power steering, Thomas vacuum pump
May '10
Conversion is well under way: ICE, fuel tank, exhaust gone. Motor mount part way fabricated. Batteries delivered.

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