Owner's Other EV1000watt Electric Rat E-Trike
LocationPerth, Western Australia Australia map
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Vehicle Custom
Custom built Electric powered cruiser.
Motor Turnigy
Turnigy 80-130 Outrunner 6500wat (8.6hp)
DrivetrainFirst stage reduction Matt Shumaker reduction drive second stage custom pulley. Uses 1235mmx15m neoprene/fiberglass reinforced 5mm pitch HTD belt.
Controller Castel Controller HV100
RC ESC using a custom Fechter throtliser current limited to 140amp
BatteriesTurnigy 5000mah 20c packs, 22.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
The cruiser currently uses 6x22v 5ah packs in series/paralle config. TPPacks.com BMS
System Voltage44 Volts
Charger sp48-320 PSU
Meanwel PSU in conjuction with TPPacks.com charge controller
DC/DC Converter Unknown
48-72vdc to 12v 10amp dc
InstrumentationTurnigy meter for battery monitoring and a CatEye speedometer
AccelerationIs insane! I have gear limited the crusier to around 55-60km/hr as I need extremely good hill climbing I live in a very hilly area. When the bike is upgraded in the near future to a 66v 15ah setup top speed will also increase by ~15-20km/hr
RangeDepending on how heavy you are on the throttle range can be as good as 40km or as bad as 15km.
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight99 Pounds (44 Kilograms)
Tiresfront 24x2.95 Hookworm Rear 20x4.25
Conversion CostAbout 2k
Additional FeaturesI have linear actuated stablisers that are controlled by a bar mounted momentary switch, these are necessary for me to keep bike stable whilst I transfer from my wheelchair to the bike and when i come to a standstill when riding.
I built this bike in a 12 month period working a couple of hours every few days, majority of the parts come from the USA so freight delays and finances (im a disabled pensioner) were the reason behind the extended build tim. The crusier is seriously fast from 0-40km/hr pulls like a small moto-x bike, it has improved my life greatly as it is my only form of transport, I tow my wheelchair behind the bike so it has been an asset I love it!

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