OwnerBill Hackney
LocationPhoenix, Arizona United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1996 Dodge Neon
MotorBendix Shunt Wound DC
aircraft generator, 300 amp, 8000 rpm
Drivetrain5 speed clutch-less manual
Controller home built
120v 500 amps
Batteries24 24dc , 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
walmart deep cycle, 105ah
System Voltage96 Volts
Charger home made
96v charger charging at 25 amps
Heaternone, Its Phoenix
Instrumentationvolt gauge, gps,amp gauge and clock built
in the instrument cluster
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
Accelerationpretty good, wont win any races
Range45 Miles (72 Kilometers)
45 mile at 45 mph
Watt Hours/Milenot known yet
EV Miles
Current:1,600 Miles (2,574 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight2,300 Pounds (1,045 Kilograms)
started at 2400 and is now 2300
TiresPirelli PS Nero
Conversion Time200 hours
Conversion Cost3700.00 to date
Additional Featureselectric ac, factory radio, electric power steering, vaccume
I've been driving this car now for about two months, and
hope for a top speed of 65mph, right now at 72v I can get
to 50 in about 90 seconds, on a straight away, getting a
more powerful controller to hopefully get a higher top
speed and will add 8 12v 45ah SLAs in the front for 90
more amp hours.as of 4-27 have added 4 12v 105 amp hour
batteries, and a curtis controller for more take off, top
speed is still 55mph, but getting there is a lot
faster.battery capacity is now 300ah range is around
40miles... update, added 4 more 12v 105ah batteries under
the seat for more range, now around 50 miles range
depending on driving conditions and terrain.

june 27. went up from 72v to 96v volts with remarkable
results, the car used to take max amps to acceleerate in
senond and third gears but now at 96v it will accelerate
nicely using 300 amps max, so the range has went up to
about 45 miles at 45mph but more practically the range is
35 miles at 55mph, good top speed too, at 65mph, so very
happy with the car to date.

code by jerry