OwnerDarryl Allardice
LocationMarietta, Georgia United States map
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Vehicle2008 Toyota Prius
stock prius with plug-in hybrid conversion kit from Plug-In Solutions, Inc; ~45 mile range in EV-only mode
Batteries76 Thunder Sky 40AH, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
76 cells total (= 4 rows x 19 cells), includes battery management system; pack encased in steel box, sits in rear storage well and bolts to frame.
System Voltage243 Volts
Top Speed52 MPH (83 KPH)
up to 52 mph in EV-only mode (75+ mph in normal mode)
Accelerationaccelerates reasonably well; struggles slightly on the steepest of hills
Rangegetting almost 50 miles per charge, includes driving thru hills, using radio, headlights, and other accessories
Conversion Time1 weekend
Conversion Cost$12,000
This is the easiest, most practical way to be driving an Electric Vehicle today. In only a weekend, this car was converted to an EV that I drive daily to work (round-trip) with plenty of miles to spare, under electric power only. This is gives us what the manufacturers won't -- the ability to use electric power only when it makes sense for you, and the option to use the gas engine when you need it.

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