OwnerRichard Donovan
Owner's Other EV48V Front Hub Retro eBike Conversion
LocationVancouver, Washington United States map
Vehicle Diamondback
48V 26" front hub brushless motor with cruise control and twist throttle.
MotorGolden Motors Brushless DC
Drivetrain7 Speed
ControllerGolden Motors BAC-281
BatteriesJuiced Riders, 0.00 Volt,
48V 15ah LiFeP04
Top Speed28 MPH (45 KPH)
28mph on level pavement without pedaling.
Range35 Miles (56 Kilometers)
EV Miles
Current:360 Miles (579 Kilometers)
    As of 5/2/2010
Curb Weight60 Pounds (27 Kilograms)
Conversion Cost$1200
Additional FeaturesModified rack to support battery pack. A saddle pack can be placed below the pack. Front fork re-enforced to avoid weak fork dropouts.

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