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OwnerSebastien Mahut
LocationCrouy, Picardie France map
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Vehicle1990 Aprilia AF1 Futura
I purchased this motorcycle for parts, the motor and gearbox were died.

This moto is a 125cm3 hypersport Aprilia AF1
MotorAgni Motors 95R Permanent Magnet DC
It's a burned motor found in a trash that I have rebuilded with a new axle and rotor.
Drivetrainratio 11:55
428 pitch

The front and rear gear were custom made
ControllerAlltrax SPM72400
72V 400A max
Batteries560 Sony US18650V, 3.60 Volt, Lithium-Ion
These battery are from Makita drill pack, and was destinated to the trash.
I dismanteled the packs and rescued the good cells.
I made 28 packs of 20 cells.
System Voltage51 Volts
Charger Junsi Icharger 3010B
RC charger,capable of charging and balancing 10 Lipo cells at 30 Amps
DC/DC Converter
48 -> 12V 50W
Instrumentationdigital temp, odometer, voltage, current, capacity hand made
Top Speed56 MPH (90 KPH)
Top speed is 56 mph on flat ground when battery are fully charged. When discharged, I can ride to 45 mph
AccelerationVery good, I'm able to pursuit the fuel powered cars.
Range36 Miles (57 Kilometers)
36 miles riding in town, with my 60Ah battery pack.
Watt Hours/Mile85 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Current:148 Miles (238 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight310 Pounds (140 Kilograms)
The fuel powered moto weight 280lbs originally.
Tiresrear : 130/70-17"
front : 100/80-17"
Conversion Timeabout 6 months, working principally the weekend and on holidays
Conversion Costabout 2500 USD

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