my e-bicycle
Owner's Other EVs1995 China BMX
1992 BMW E36
LocationSofia, Sofia Bulgaria map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2008 Scott Voltage 25
Custom made by myself e-bicycle kit just
for fun :) Now have new mods:
WebPage /> motor-prepravqne-na-lifepo4-
Motor Brushless DC
dual 48volt ,1000w
Drivetrainfor now single speed with chain
mechanism and chain wheels + original
24 speed pedaling:)
WebPage /> motor-prepravqne-na-lifepo4-
two controllers 30A 48v for brushless dc
Batteries48.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
It was V power 20ah 48 volt from ebay,
but it has problems with 2 dead packs
36 cells out it was 16 packs X 18 cells
in pack and after that i open battery
and remove dead cells and have made 16
packs X 15 cells in pack i have change
and dimensions in triangular form just
like fitting it in the middle of my
frame for better center of gravyty
System Voltage48 Volts
China made 61 volt 5 amp charger for 48
volt batteries
DC/DC Converter
Soon i will instal one 36-72 volt in 12v 1
Amper out for some instrumentation like
digital voltmeter and current meter
Instrumentationbicycle computer (speedometer
-stuff like that)

3w cree led light front i hope soon to
have 10 or huge cree led light ;)
Top Speed36 MPH (57 KPH)
57km/h on flat with 98kg rider
Accelerationvery good :)
Range22 Miles (35 Kilometers)
24 km without pedaling
EV Miles
Start:68 Miles (109 Kilometers)
Current:1,200 Miles (1,930 Kilometers)
Total:1,132 Miles (1,821 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Tires26 inch "Crazy Bob"
Conversion Timeone week
Conversion Cost700$ battery and 500$ 1000w hub motor
with disc brake all those prices are
shipping and all taxes they came from
china to Sofia-Bulgaria + another 1000w
hub motor
Additional Featureshere is one video out of the city with one rear 48v 1000w
hub motor
Be green,be electric :) here is a videos:

here is one video with one 48v 1000w hub motor out of the

code by jerry