End of the season (2010)Rear Battery RackFront boxReady to MowSnow blower attachment installed.
OwnerTim Fulton
LocationGermantown, Wisconsin United States map
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VehicleSimplicity BroadMoor 728
Early 70s riding mower.
MotorMars ME0708 Permanent Magnet DC
8" Dia. 6hp continuous
ControllerGeneral Electric
Batteries4 Remy DC-29, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Group 31 150Ah
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerSoneil 1206S
Four 3A chargers. Allows overnight
Instrumentation200A ammeter
Curtis Instruments Unigage voltmeter
Range35-40 minutes of mowing time to 50% DOD.
Conversion Cost~$1385 total

Batteries = $295
Pulleys = $35
Battery rack material = $35
Misc. hardware = $15
Rest = Free (freecycle.org and buddies
at the local EV club)
Snowblower attachment (9/9/09) - $100
Two new batteries = $265 (6/4/10)
Chargers = $195 (8/14/10)
Mars ME0708 Motor = $295 (10/22/10)
One new battery = $150 (5/12/14)
It is a very simple setup. The motor spins pulleys just like
the gas engine did. Turn it on and use the existing clutches
to get things working.

10/21/09 - Got the new Remy DC-29 batteries.
11/02/09 - Started making battery racks.
11/22/09 - Finished battery racks.
11/27/09 - First time mowing!
9/9/09 - Found a snowblower attachment for the tractor.
5/1/10 - First use in 2010. Noticed motor is a little
running hot (too hot to hold my hand on for more than a few
seconds). Looks like I might need to put a fan on it.
6/4/10 - Had a problem with a battery and hydrogen plus a
little static mixed in. Replaced that battery and added one
more to go to 48V. This should get the amps down.
8/14/10 - Added the 4th battery, changed pulleys, and added
four 3A Soneil chargers to make life easier. Works great!
8/28/10 - The Baldor motor gave up the ghost (rather I
overheated it). Looking into rewinding it or replacing it.
10/22/10 - Installed an almost brand new Mars ME0708
permanent magnet motor rated at 6hp continuous. This one
will not overheat and cuts amazingly well.
11/14/10 - Installed the snow blower attachment. Requires
modification of battery racks.
12/23/10 - Battery racks modified.
3/6/11 - Snow blower completely fitted and ready to go.
4/30/11 - Cleaned up a bunch of stuff to make it looks nice
for an alternative vehicles show.
1/15/12 - First time using the snowblower attachment. It
works really well, and so quiet!
5/12/14 - Picked up one replacement battery. I reversed a
cell or two in one of my the batteries. Time to watch the
voltage more closely.

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