With tank and faired sides on Version 1. Lead verison,  day one. Version 2. Lithium and Cooling DetailNew Tail-section between revisionsSnazzy Power PanelVersion 2fabrication stationpreConversion Photo.
OwnerJulian Santa-Rita
LocationFayetteville, Arkansas United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1978 Honda CB750 F2
Built by my fiance Lori and I with the help of a local machine
shop, Ironman Fabrication's time and space. A CraigsList.org
donor invited me to
drag this motorcycle out of his yard. It took three of us to get
it onto a truck sideways and we left a streak where the rear
tire had dug into his grass. The thing was rusted in a locked up
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. Separately Excited DC
13HP regen and reverse. Capable of ~300A. Controller set to
limit it to 100A

I'd liken it to a 250cc bike's power, though when and how they
make power are different. If I had gears like a Honda rebel it'd
be no contest.
DrivetrainOne speed, 420 chain. 12/60 gears.
ControllerAlltrax 4884
300A controller. Set to 100A with a soft acceleration curve.
Batteries16 China HiPower HiPower LifePo4, 3.20 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
The whole pack is 100AH at 48V. Do far i've gone 20 mile son it,
so no clue on real range, though I suspect it's over 60 mi in mixed
driving. Update soon.
System Voltage48 Volts
Chargerunknown BC0 or BCO 16 cell balancer charger for Li
58.6v, 8Amp.

Slick Little fellow works well. after first rides, the batteries are
within 30mv of each other.
Heaterwhatever I'm wearing.
DC/DC Converter nope. isolated circuit. Solar powered 5v USB circu
LI rechargeable battery powered, and the back tail-light is a
"spooklight" that has accelerometer controlled brake lights
and turn signals that are wirelessly controlled by a remote on
the handle bars.
Instrumentationfactory Honda Speedo.

CellLog monitors on all cells.

48v cart gauge for overall "pack at a glance" is mounted to the
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
The top speed is around 55 mph so far. Only the Interstate and
highways around NWA are over 40mph, so I have enough go-
power to get a speeding ticket just about everywhere in my range.
Accelerationconfidence inspiring, and really quite good.
0-30 is faster than most cars are at the stoplights. 30-50 is
smooth but slower. I'm due to experiment with the gearing
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
as tested in mixed use. had some headroom left.
Watt Hours/Miletbd. instrumentation is lacking. Only have a battery meter.
EV Miles
Start:33,055 Miles (53,185 Kilometers)
Current:33 Miles (53 Kilometers)
Total:-33,022 Miles (-53,132 Kilometers)
    As of 6/26/2013
Seating Capacity2ish. seats 2 but no rear sets for passenger feet. easy to add
them back.
Curb Weight420 Pounds (190 Kilograms)
according to the metal scrap yard, it is lighter and more lithe
handling than before.
Tiressome on sale rubber from oldbikebarn.com
Conversion TimeI've spent about 3 years doing this.I've even moved houses in

This is the bike's "Revision 2.0" Anything I Know I did wrong the
first time I have corrected but I'm sure there is more to learn.
Conversion Cost3-4000$ from scratch. almost all of that is EV pats. TH lead acid
version was half that.
Additional FeaturesThe bike has had the rear brake deleted and shaved down the old brackets so now the regen
motor does all rear braking.
extra special thanks to my wife!

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