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OwnerJeremy Vining
LocationSeattle, Washington United States map
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Vehicle1974 MG B GT
Bought the car in Winter 08' as a classy
commuter with the hope to convert to
electric at it's end of life. Engine
crapped out a few months later and didn't
get motivated to start the conversion until
Summer 2013.
MotorHPEVS AC-50 3-Phase AC
Keeping stock 4-spd rwd transmission and

Adaptor plate and hub by
Drivetrain4 speed, RWD
ControllerCurtis 1238
Liquid Cooled with EV West Chill Plate.

Micheal with EV West has been a pleasure to
work with.

Pretty stock settings. Only regen on
neutral with Curtis PB-8 linked to accel
Future Plans to swap out with a Prius pedal
and wire legacy choke control for manual
regen control.
BatteriesAutomotive Energy Supply Corporation, 3.80 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Using the Renault influenze bankruptcy pack
from EVTV "seperated" into (3) 120V packs
and wired in parallel. Couldn't have been
more easily setup for the Curtis 1238.

3 parallel packs of 16S2P

Fully charged Pack total: 134V, 180AH
Effective charge voltage is 131V due to
controller limit.
System Voltage130 Volts
Charger EMW Smart Charge 12000 v12
PFC, air cooled unit.

Adjustable Constant Current.
Successfully charged at 120V and 208V; 10-30A

Constant Voltage Topping Off stage is not
working properly.
Heaterin-line water, not installed. Low priority
until fall
DC/DC ConverterIota
400W converter with stock 12V battery backup
InstrumentationCurtis Spyglass (Volts, Amps, RPM, Motor Temp,
Ctrlr Temp)
Stock Tachometer (driven by Curtis RPM signal
utilizing opto-isolator)
Stock Fuel Gauge SOC% (driven by Zeva Fuel
Gauge Plus)

Eventually one of the following:
-EMW Android
Top Speed90 MPH (144 KPH)
Calculated top speed - 105mph @ 6000rpm in
4th gear. Have hit 90mph briefly under ideal
freeway conditions, approximately 5K rpm in
4th gear.

AccelerationFeels peppy enough, easily keeps up in traffic.

2nd Gear - Quick off line and gobbles up hills
3rd Gear - Typical cruising gear 0-50mph
4th Gear - Highway/Freeway Speeds
Range65 Miles (104 Kilometers)
100 mile calculated Range at 100% DoD - will

65 Mile longest run with 10% city, 50%
freeway speeds (60mph+), 40% backroad rolling
hills 30-50mph. 105V final voltage.
Watt Hours/Mile280 Wh/Mile
240whr/mi - Very early measurements at 35mph
speed. 50% stop and go neighborhood and 50%
highway 60mph+. Gentle acceleration

280whr/mi typical with normal driving keeping
up in traffic
EV Miles
Start:95,000 Miles (152,855 Kilometers)
Current:100,600 Miles (161,865 Kilometers)
Total:5,600 Miles (9,010 Kilometers)
    As of 5/8/2018
Seating Capacity2 plus useless rear bench
Curb Weight0
Anticipating Net Addition of ~100lbs
probably all in back.

Need to weigh it now that its on the road.
TiresStock, wire
Conversion Time10 months at about 1-2 days a
month since 8/13 until running.
Conversion Cost~$14k + donor car when all said and
Additional FeaturesLong Wish List -
Would like to implent Regen for both brake-assist via
transducer and manual adjustment utilizing choke cable that
will no longer be needed.
September 2013 -
Motor is installed.

November 2013 -
Finalizing battery box sizes and locations.

February 2014 -
System wired up to test with used lead acid from battery

March 2014 -
Better World battery packs from Renault could not have become
available at a better time

April/May 2014 -
Fabrication of Custom battery mounts and "final" system

June 2014 -
Pulled out a lot of hair debugging inconsistent motor spin and
control. Turns out the disk mounted on the end of the motor
shaft has been rubbing the RPM optical encoder. Replaced for
the 3rd time and will not be using clutch until encoder/disk
clearance can be maintained.

February 2015 -
Replaced Motor thrust bearing retention lock nuts with guidance
from HPEVS. Eliminated wear on RPM optical encoder and reduced
motor vibration.

May 2015 -
Wired stock Tach gauge through opto-isolator to Curtis tach signal.
Installed JLD404 shunt and Zeva fuel gauge for Fuel SOC%.
Installed AVCR module to spoof J1772 pilot and proximity signals
for charger compatibility with commercial EVSE stations.

August 2017 -
Rolled over 100k miles, 5k all electric.

code by jerry