OwnerDon Stamper
LocationShreveport, Louisiana United States map
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Vehicle1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Bought from a towing yard as unclaimed due to a bad motor. $350. Great place to find a nice clean coaster.
MotorAdvanced DC 9 inch Series Wound DC
DrivetrainWas a standard shift four banger.
ControllerCurtis The biggest one they make!
Batteries12 Trojan T-1275, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
150 amp hour floor scrubber batteries. Same size as most group 31.
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge Adjust a Charge 120 volt ac, 144 volt DC, 10 amp
Consider something bigger or another brand. Bought mine direct from QC in OKC and its not heavy enough for batteries with this high of amps. (Unless you have 16-24 hours to recharge.) I've talked to Mike from tech support there several times and he has said its only meant to be an "opportunity" charger and not suited for every day charging. Too bad they didn't tell me that when they where selling me. I asked if there would be any trade in value for my 3 month old charger against a new higher output 220 volt charger but was told it did not.
DC/DC Converter I have a 105 amp alternater
A GM 105 amp alt. is mounted to the unused output shaft of my ADC motor. The large 10 ga charging wire is sent straight to the battery through a fuseable link. A relay is used between the exciter/activator wire. When the pot is off, the micro switch N.C. lead send power to excite and turn on the Alt while coasting to charge the chassis battery. (The same switch you use the N.O. side to activate the controller.) Then I added other inputs from the headlights and AC compressor with inline diodes to the relay so I also charge when either of these are turned on. The diodes keep things from tuning on when coasting/charging.
InstrumentationElectro automotive fuel, 0 to 100%. Same brand amp gauge.
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
If you push it you can go 70 or more but its very happy cruising in the 55 range.
AccelerationPretty fair.
Range37 Miles (59 Kilometers)
It still had some life left but I try to not harm my battery by depleting too far.
Watt Hours/MileIt will maintain about 54-56 with about 175 amps. I think. I have not really tried to milk every drop out if it since I'm a hot rodder at heart. The Amp and fuel gauges are from Electro automotive and not the most accurate.
EV Miles
Current:525 Miles (844 Kilometers)
    As of 8/19/2009
Seating Capacity2. Rear seat removed along with the gas tank below. Floor removed and a 7 battery box in that location. Three more in cut out floor where spare tire used to live. The last two are under the hood.
Curb Weight2,600 Pounds (1,181 Kilograms)
Was 2550# stock. Its heavier now but who cares!
Conversion Time3 months from start to driving.
Conversion Cost$8500 plus.
Additional FeaturesYa gotta have Air conditioning down here LOL. Really just for bragging rights I guess but it was in the right place to use it and it was fully charged and working so why not. I had planned to use the alternator so one more bracket and a longer belt was all it took.
My "to-do-list" I need to build or buy a 220 volt charger but I'm getting tried of throwing money at in this pit. Maybe somebody will come up with some plans for a 220 volt version of a Bad boy charger. A repaint. I found nice straight front fenders and a better hood from the U-pull it yard and the paint is sitting on the bench. The sheet metal is so thin on this car that its easier for me to find some better parts than try to hammer on a beer can. I'm watching Ebay for some mag wheels. A new CD player is has been shipped from Crutchfield. A radio install might be the easiest thing to date. I need to make the battery box covers sometime. Then there are the other half dozen car projects to keep running or finish. Life is good!

PS: On thing worth noting is the problems finding someone to insure this car. Both Allstate and State Farm first said they could write it and to send receipts and pictures but both later refused it as it was modified. State farm writes my 1940 chevy street rod that is very "modified". Go figure. I have other cars through Hagerdy but they wouldn't take it. Same story with Grundy. Grundy and Hagerdy both specialize in collector and special interest cars so you would think they would do it. My last resort is going to be the Caveman or the Lizard. I guess I'll have to lie to them to boot. Then there is the worry they won't cover me when they find the car is electric. Oh well if it was too easy it wouldn't be fun.

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