OwnerRich Rudman
Owner's Other EV1978 Ford Fiesta
LocationKingston, Washington United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
VehicleTote Goat
Tote Goat (owned by Paul Gooch)
MotorSouth West Wind Power 3-Phase AC
12 Volt wind turbine alternator, with some modifications and encoders.
DrivetrainTwin chain reductions for 1:7.5 total ratio. It doesn't need the second stage.
ControllerManzanita Micro
48 Volt, 175 Amp, BLDC 8.3 kW with Regen and dynamic braking
BatteriesLead-Acid, AGM
(I think 175 Amps is killing them.)
System Voltage48 Volts
Rich's bad old Blue Box.
Top Speed30 MPH (48 KPH)
Seating Capacity1 oversize adolescent
Conversion TimeNot long enough and it shows.
Conversion Costwell R and D needed a test mule and....

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