Front View on Version 1That's a Lot of Batteries !FARADNew Motor October 2009 !
OwnerTom L
LocationFranksville, Wisconsin United States map
Vehicle1981 Chevrolet El Camino
DC motor system, clutchless 3-speed manual transmission with 200AH Lithium Ferrite Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4).
MotorNetgain Warp-9 Series Wound DC
Replaced the troubled FB-4001A Advanced DC motor with a Netgain Warp-9 in October 2009. Having TWO factory-defect failures in the Advanced DC, we secured a refund and upgraded. So far so good !
New Warp Drive 1200 A Controller 11-16-2010 !
Drivetrain3 speed manual transmission (original)

Rear End Ratio 2.73:1
1st Gear 3.50:1 9.55:1
2nd Gear 1.89:1 5.16:1
3rd Gear: 1.00:1 2.73:1
ControllerNetGain Controls WarP Drive 1200A 160V
This controller ROCKS !
LCD controls motor voltage and current, battery current, acceleration, everything.
Goes like a rocket...
Batteries46 Thunder Sky LFP200AHA, 3.30 Volt, Lithium-Ion
200 Amp-Hour Pack: LiFePO4 Lithium Ferrite Phosphate
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerZivan NG-3
220 VAC at 16A input
HeaterElectric forced-air 1.5 Kw 150 volt 10 amp

SOLID-STATE air conditioning (Peltier Devices) being installed August 2009 9 amps at 150 volts
DC/DC Converter 30A DC at 14.4V with 17AH Gel Cell for backup
Instrumentation0-180 volts 0-500 amps 10-18 volts 0-50 amps
Thundersky BMS reads every cell voltage, pack voltage and current, estimates watt-hours remaining ("Gas Gauge") New WarP Drive LCD monitor and control 11-16-2010
Top Speed85 MPH (136 KPH)
Pegs the speedo
AccelerationSurprisingly Quick for a 4000 pound truck
Range200 Miles (321 Kilometers)
With careful city driving. 100 miles minimum with freeway and city mix. Not terribly hilly around here in Southeast Wisconsin...
Watt Hours/Mile200 Wh/Mile
Varies a LOT with driving habits, power steering on or off, terrain and headwind. Tires inflated to max pressure.
EV Miles
Start:87,000 Miles (139,983 Kilometers)
Current:90,720 Miles (145,968 Kilometers)
Total:3,720 Miles (5,985 Kilometers)
    As of 6/28/2011
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight4,000 Pounds (1,818 Kilograms)
was 3266 before conversion
GVWR 5003
Tires205/70-14 inflated to max psi
Conversion TimeOrdered parts March 2009. Most work done in two months with several months to plan in advance.
Motor made in March 2009 died at 500 miles. Was replaced under warranty in July 2009. Delays from mechanical contractors kept her in the garage for 8 weeks, otherwise good to go. Man, this is FUN !
Conversion Costabout like a new car ! Batteries charger and BMS cost about $18K The rest was about $10K (so far)
Additional FeaturesSolid state air conditioning. Separate 1HP motor direct-drive power steering runs off pack voltage directly. Tachometer added by magnets and prox switch off tail shaft of motor. PWM (pulse-width modulation) of our own design controls heat, air conditioning, and power steering motor. Steering motor on with pedal only during movement, cuts out over 30 mph (not needed). Many features will be revealed and explained that are under development now. Safety: crash switch, dual series contactors (key and pedal), fusing EVERYWHERE, lockouts for charger plugged in, high pedal disable, backup power for critical systems. Extra 144 volt 17AH pack in cargo bay (under bed and behind seats) gives about 10 mile range for emergency. All technology will be made available to others on request for personal use. We love EVs !

Dual 4/0 cables (4 wires) connect front and rear packs to minimize voltage drop at high currents. We achieved our goal of 1 volt per 500 amps in the wiring!
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We want to support the EV community and help others convert.

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