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OwnerRobert Fletcher
LocationDenton, Maryland United States map
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Vehicle1985 GMC Griffon
Basically a British Bedford CF2 Electric built
with left-hand drive and badged "Griffon" for
the import to the U.S.
MotorLucas MT-305 Separately Excited DC
216V, 40kW continuous
Drivetrain"Direct drive"
1.92:1 step-down via chain/sprocket drive from
motor shaft to driveshaft.
4.89:1 rear axle ratio.
ControllerLucas Mark 4A
Large box sitting where engine would have been.
Solid early 1980s technology. Very effective
variable regenerative braking.
Batteries36 Interstate U-2000, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Original traction batteries were Chloride
tubular plate type. Nice batteries from what I
hear, but were long gone by the time I got this
System Voltage216 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
Also use a homebrew variac-based charger (120V
input) for occasional mild equalizing charges
HeaterCurrently none
DC/DC ConverterLucas
216V nominal input, 14V output @ 25A max.
- Speedometer
- Battery SOC meter

I've added:
- +/- 250A ammeter to measure motor current
(forward and regen)
- Battery pack voltmeter

Would like to add soon:
- E-meter for more accurate SOC readings
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
AccelerationDirect drive means good acceleration up to about
35 mph. Takes a while to get up to 50-55 mph
unless you are going downhill. Doesn't take
uphills at high speed.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Have never taken it that far, but stock SOC
meter indicated plenty of battery capacity
remaining after a 20 mile drive.
Watt Hours/Mile800 Wh/Mile
A rough estimate... will have more solid numbers
in the future.
Seating CapacityIn normal configuration with batteries in
tray: 4 passengers (plus driver)

In current temporary configuration with bench
seat removed: 1 passenger (it's the largest 2-
seater EV on the road).
This van is currently in temporary configuration with the
batteries inside on the bed (original bench seat removed). There
is an original battery tray that hangs underneath the chassis.
When I've painted the battery tray, I'll put the batteries back in
it and re-install the bench seat.

Side mirrors are GM, not original Bedford. This van originally
had Bedford mirrors, but a previous owner replaced them with the
GM units.

Will post more photos of the interior when I've moved the
batteries back into the tray, replaced the seat, and cleaned up
the interior somewhat.

Thanks to my friend Dick Potteiger for spending hours restoring
the long-neglected exterior paint finish.

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