Building the  A123 battery pack
OwnerRobin Almasi
Owner's Other EVsAlmasi / Schwinn Stealth 15 000 Watt
2006 Specialized Crystalyte A123
LocationLongueuil, Quebec Canada map
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Vehicle2005 BRM 125cc Racing Kart
Originally a BRM with Rotax 125cc engine, I sold the ICE engine and started the swap slowly over a year
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. ES15A Series Wound DC
72 Volt motor rated 10 HP
Drivetrain#40 Chain and sprocket (40 on the axle and 30 or 40 on the motor )
ControllerKelly KDH09500A
96 Volt (120MAX) 500 Amp 10 second, 400 Amp 5 minutes, will most probably be exchanged for a KDH12800 (800 Amp 120 Volt)
Batteries280 A123 Systems M1, 3.30 Volt,
LiFe PO4 cell 30 C continious, 60 C for 30 second.

The pack is divided in 3 pack of 80 cell 10S8P for a total of 30S8P, this will probably be upgraded to 40S8P this summer!
System Voltage99 Volts
Charger ICharger 1010B+ (3 of them) with MeanWell Power su
10 Amp charging current , 300mA balancing, it take 2 Hours from empty to full balanced charge.
Heateryou don't need one when you get soo much adrenaline rush!
DC/DC Converter AC/DC LCD switching powersupply
I took out the AC front end, and left only the DC to DC parts, good from 60 Volt up to 300 Volt DC!
InstrumentationCycle Analyst large screen version in custom enclosure. (very nice unit, I recommend it to everyone)
Top Speed100 MPH (160 KPH)
With the 40 tooth sprocket on the motor, I expect 120 MPH with more A123 cell (80 more) to get to 132 volt nominal.
AccelerationVery quick...but will be quicker with a Kelly KDH12800...I will upgrade very soon!
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
about 20 minutes racing!
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight220 Pounds (99 Kilograms)
TiresBridgestone racing tires
Conversion Time200 Hours +
Conversion Cost8000$ Canadian
I love this Kart, noise free, except the tires!

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