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Vehicle2002 Mitsubishi Magna TJ
Commonwealth games Limited edition
Motor EVO Electric - AFM 140-4 3-Phase AC
75Kw Cont
167.5Kw Peak
220Nm Cont
650Nm Peak
5000 RPM MAX
Liquid Glycol cooling
DrivetrainStandard 5sp Manual transmission with
ralliart clutch.

Front wheel drive with standard drive line
and ratios.
Controller Tritium - Wave Sculptor 200
165KVA Peak
300A Motor current
368A Drive and regen current Max
450V Battery voltage Max
Upto 107KVA Continuous
CAN bus controlled
Liquid Glycol cooling
Batteries125 Thunder Sky LiFePO4 100Ah , 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
The batteries used will be the Black Sinopoly cells
400V Nom. (450V charged)
125 Series, 1 Parallel
Capacity 100Ah
40 KWh
391.25Kg total pack weight
300A continuous current, 1000A Peak
3000 cycles at 80%DOD, reducing pack to
80% capacity.

Will be installed in the engine bay and
the front of the boot to keep the
weight distribution correct.

BMS: Tritium IQCell (100Ah version)
System Voltage422 Volts
ChargerBrusa NLG513-SX
Power factor corrected
Fully Programmable for any charging
Adjustable charging current for any
power outlet
CAN bus I/P for programming
HeaterWill be using The A/C for the Demister
heating and Cooling.
DC/DC Converter 2 x V375A12E600BL 600W

I will be using one of these on each
half of the battery pack with there
outputs paralleled.

Total of 1200W
InstrumentationStock tacho - Motor speed
Stock fuel gauge - Battery capacity
Stock temp gauge - Motor temp

Will be changing out as many of the
lights with LED replacements.

Will have to interface original gauges
to indicate speed/voltage as required
Top Speed126 MPH (202 KPH)
Based on current gearbox configuration.
AccelerationWill be as good, or better than standard.
Range218 Miles (350 Kilometers)
Estimate based on 288.5Wh/Mi (180Wh/Km)
Will most probably get a better efficiency
than this but i'm being conservative (also
its very heavy).
Watt Hours/Mile193 Wh/Mile
120 Wh/km
Estimated power usage.
EV Miles
Start:157,207 Miles (252,946 Kilometers)
Current:157,207 Miles (252,946 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults (Back seat will be removed)
Boot Space will be halved to allow a
battery pack.
Curb Weight3,450 Pounds (1,568 Kilograms)
Starting weight
Will be removing back seat as well

Estimating 1745 Kg (3847Lb) without
passengers, (81.6Kg per pessenger, max
of 2)
Conversion TimeBecause of the 2011 Floods the project
start is now 2012.
Conversion CostEstimated over $60000 AUD.
Over estimated cost including
everything i
can think of that i will need.

Could be done a lot cheaper but I am
using very expensive parts for a
premium conversion.
Additional FeaturesThe Air conditioning will be maintained with an electric

Power steering will be maintained with an electric

Brake vacuum will be provided using an electric replacement

Thinking of adding an Ultra Capacitor bank to maximize
regenerative braking efficiency, very expensive, and rather
heavy vs battery weight...
Started 17th Apr 2010. Bought donor car on 6th June 2009.

Feel free to send me an email regarding my project, or
even to tell me where i am going wrong. I like
constructive criticism and would appreciate the help :)


Send me an email if you wish to have a copy of the entire
project and the finer details.

17 Apr 10: Started removing engine exhaust and other un
needed parts, Nothing on order as yet.

10 Jun 10: Started buying the parts from EVWorks.com.au,
it has really begun now !

23 Jun 10: Tritium controller and BMS on order.

15 Jul 10: Motor is now on order.

20 Aug 10: Charger and DC-DC converter on order.

01 Sep 10: Charger and DC-DC Arrived.

06 Sep 10: Tritium Controller Arrived.

29 Sep 10: Motor Arrived

15 Oct 10: Purchased Batteries

Will be getting BHSS-TBS to do all engineering work for
the car. They are located in Capalaba/Brisbane

And David Blythe will be certifying the car for
registration, Also local to Brisbane.
0407 756 870

11 JAN 11: Brisbane floods destroyed the chassis, and had
to get a refund on the batteries. Car has been put on
hold for the time being.

01 AUG 11: Bought another chassis on the weekend so the
project is once again under way.

20 Aug 11: Due to heavy current work commitments, the project has been put on hold.

15 Jun 12: Organized an engineer to help design the battery boxes and certify the completed conversion.

27 Jul 12: Now that I am only working part time there is alot more time for the car.

27 Jul 12: removed the fuel tank and exhaust.

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