Before conversionAfter Conversion
OwnerAndy Koelsch
LocationAnchorage, Alaska United States map
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Vehicle2001 Kia Rio
Small 4 door sedan, perfect donor car, engine fire removed all plastic!
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001A Series Wound DC
DrivetrainOriginal Front Wheel drive transaxle, hand made taperlock adapter with no clutch.
Batteries10, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Supposedly Industrial Deep Cycle 140 amp hr batteries... Anxiously awaiting stimulus funds for affordable LifePo's!
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge
onboard 120v input.
HeaterBig coat & Liquid, still not enough for Alaska! Still experimenting.... Any idea's?
DC/DC ConverterAstrodyne SD-350
InstrumentationPack Tracker, Battery Ammeter & Voltmeter
Top SpeedOnly had it up to 60 but will go faster given enough time!!
AccelerationAcceptable, keeps up with the pack between red lights.
RangeStill exploring this! Don't want to walk home!! Guessing about 30 miles.
EV Miles
Start:44,570 Miles (71,713 Kilometers)
Current:45,893 Miles (73,841 Kilometers)
Total:1,323 Miles (2,128 Kilometers)
    As of 9/14/2009
Seating CapacityOriginal interior seats 5 but they better be small & close friends!
Curb Weight0
Heavier than original but does not exceed GVWR until the family piles in!
TiresRound & Black
Conversion TimeAbout 9 months part time & weekends not out having other fun.
Conversion CostCost of conversion, about 7k.
Additional FeaturesSmall solar panel on rear deck for charging original car battery, also makes people ask more questions!
Fun project! Thanks to Electric Vehicles of America for helping convince me it could be done!

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