OwnerGino Roth
LocationOakland, California United States map
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Vehicle1987 Pontiac
Fiero Coupe
MotorGeneral Electric 5BT1346B50 Series Wound DC
Drivetrain5 Speed Manuel Transaxle + New Clutch
ControllerCurtis 1221B
400 Amps mounted on an aluminum heat sink and fan cooled
Batteries10 Deep Cycle, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
plus 1 Autozone 12v for Auxiliary System
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerK and W BC-20
On Board with Twist Lock Power Cord
HeaterCeramic 1540 watts max. mounted in stock location. Self-limited to 180 deg. F
DC/DC ConverterCurtis 1400
charging an Autozone battery for lights and a nice Alpine Stereo.
InstrumentationPakTrakr 600EV, 0-500 Digital Amp Meter, 0-200 Digital Volt Meter, Separate LED Volt Meter for Aux. Battery, Stock Speedometer
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Estimated, yet to be determined
AccelerationGood to 30 mph in 2nd, fair after that. It's not built to be a racer.
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
Still breaking in the battery pack. Max range unknown yet - plus I live in the hills and range suffers.
EV Miles
Start:1 Miles (1 Kilometers)
Current:81 Miles (130 Kilometers)
Total:80 Miles (128 Kilometers)
    As of 4/17/2009
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight0
Estimate 3400 lbs
TiresDunlop Sport A2 Size P195/70R14
Conversion TimeAbout 6 months over a 2 year period
Conversion CostVery minimal. Salvaged Motor & Controller plus other used parts for $500, $500 for the car with good motor, Transaxle & new tires. $1500 for paint and other goodies.$900 for the battery pack
Additional FeaturesClutch retained for hill climbing and safety. Key Switch interlock, 400 Amp DC Fuse on main pack and 400 Amp Circuit Breaker with emergency pull knob inside the cab. Car also has repainted and recovered interior, new carpets, Aluminum dash, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors and Locks. Suspension was upgraded with WS-6 Heavy Duty Pontiac Springs, new front shocks and rear struts. Stainless brake hoses, new brake calipers and cross drilled rotors. Emergency brake cable was replaced from the brake handle to the rear wheels due to previous failure. Brakes and suspension rebuilt up to OEM Specs only with no modifications and both preform well on this application. All lights converted to LED except headlights. Future plans will be to refit the air conditioning system.

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