OwnerMichael LIpman
LocationChicago, Illinois United States map
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VehicleTrek Trek 820
Trek 820 Mountain bike 8 speed sram
1000 w 48v in hub motor
Brushless DC. I really wonder if it is a real 1000 w motor or what. It was so cheap and I don't really trust the stats from some random dude on ebay from china
Drivetrain1000w 48v motor from some dude in
Batteries48.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Lifepo4 battery I got on ebay for $300 shipped. it is supposedly 15 amp and weighs around 17 lbs
It is a 2c battery.
I really wonder about the 2c stat.
Again ebay random person
System Voltage48 Volts
Came with its own 1.75 amp charger
Top Speed31 MPH (49 KPH)
It is so hard to pedal compared to my $900 racing bike I can only peddle about 9 to 14 mph with no motor assist.
But it will go for 3 hours at 25 mph
AccelerationIt has pretty good acceleration.
It has great pickup from 10 mph to 25
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
I have taken it for a 25 mile ride and It had lots more juice left
Watt Hours/Mile28 Wh/Mile
I went 25 miles and it took 700 watts to charge it back to full.
It costs 7 cents to go 25 miles
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight75 Pounds (34 Kilograms)
The bike alone weighs 32 lbs the motor weighs about 23 and the battery with cover
is 22 lbs
Conversion Timetook about 3 hours because the fork needed to be filed down to fit the motor
Conversion Cost$735 total the bike cost $16 from my neighbor
Additional FeaturesIt so fun. SO that is a feature... FUN.

If you put one of these 30mph bikes together you better
Have some good brakes.
And I put the battery in a Thermal container so I could carry it back in the house and charge it. The rigid container keeps the battery from getting too cold in the winter and It is protected from the bumps in the road.

I have it lock into 2 bolts on the back so I am not bungie cording the thing to the back. I am a big believer in velcro
It is really great to be going along with a 15 mph head wind and just turn the handle and whoooosh you are easily going 25mph. In Chicago if its below 40F it is really cold with that wind. I feel like the weight of the motor and the drag of the front hub really slows you down if you just want to only pedal.

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