Bare Bonessuspension armBut does it float?the aluminum battery box saved 42 poundsMy brother Bill let me use his lathe.ReVolt
OwnerPhilip Baus
Owner's Other EV2011 IZIP Urban Cruiser
LocationVancouver, Washington United States map
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Vehicle1979 Honda CX 500
This was a liquid cooled V-twin shaft drive cycle.
MotorBriggs and Stratton Etek brush type
I purchased this on eBay. The motor was designed to mate to a transmission and was delivered without an end plate. I had to machine my own plate and install output shaft bearings.
DrivetrainThe Etek motor is coupled to the drive shaft with a chain drive which also provides additional reduction.
An overal ratio of 5.51:1 lets the motor spin 2956 at 40 MPH.
ControllerSevcon Multipak 4Q
This is a nice unit but I had to search all over for service information. Since I added the new charger I have a problem during the "early stages" of the ride. Regeneration is too aggressive and I have experience controller shut down due to "overvoltage". The controller needs to be reprogrammed to reduce the amount of regeneration.
Batteries4 Interstate SRM24 , 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
85 amp deep-cycle battery. This is a Marine battery. I had to replace all 4 batteries after about 870 miles. Figure an average trip was 4 miles that would be about 220 cycles.
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger Yangming YMC series
The 48 volt, 9 amp charger is mounted behind the side panel. A retractable extention cord is mounted under the "fuel tank".
DC/DC Converter 48 volt/12 volt
unknown - source on internet - Chinese
10 amps does a good job of handling horn and all lights.
InstrumentationPanoram electronic speedometer/odometer
and a voltmeter built into the battery cover.
Top Speed43 MPH (69 KPH)
It keeps up with city traffic nicely.
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
Range dropped to 8 miles after 12 months(870 miles). after replacing the batteries, the range is back to 15 miles.
Watt Hours/Mile73 Wh/Mile
Controller limits amperage to 220 amps on hills. It regenerates up to 60 amps on the downhill stops.
EV Miles
Current:1,150 Miles (1,850 Kilometers)
    As of 3/7/2010
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight440 Pounds (199 Kilograms)
I weighed the bike after installing the batteries. It was 420 at that time. I have added and subtracted items since then. Stock was 500 pounds wet.
Conversion Time21 months.
Conversion Costparts cycle $100
motor, controller, contactor, and potentiameter package $575
Batteries $275
Misc $800
Just about everything on this bike is used or recycled.
Additional FeaturesLED turn signals and brake/tail lights.
Bullet headlight and custom seat.
Electronic speedometer is built into the battery cover.
Piazo crystal horn draws milliamps and is loud and annoying.
Aluminum angle battery rack saved 42 pounds over an angle iron unit.
The on-board charger has a retracting extension cord.
The wooden bodywork actually saved weight over stock fenders and fuel tank.
For commuting I will need to add some waterproof storage.

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