TeslaPEMsun powerside with hardtop
OwnerBarry McConachie
LocationAustin, Texas United States map
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Vehicle2008 Tesla Roadster
VIN 85 is a 'Signature 100' special edition
Motor 185 kW 3-Phase AC
375 volt AC induction air-cooled electric motor with variable frequency drive. Output 248 peak horsepower (185kW) and 276 ft/lbs (375 nm) of torque. Redline 14,000 rpm.
DrivetrainSingle speed fixed gear
Controller Tesla
Batteries6831 Tesla, 375.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Custom microprocessor-controlled lithium-ion battery with 6,831 individual cells. Weight 992 lbs.
System Voltage375 Volts
Charger Tesla
About 3.5 hours charge time using the High Power Connector. The HPC is wired to a 240V/90A circuit in my garage. Standard 110V charge cable is in the trunk.
HeaterHeater and AC
DC/DC Converter Tesla
DC to AC inverter supplies power to the AC motor.
Instrumentationanalog gauges plus computer display with a variety of performance specs
Top Speed125 MPH (201 KPH)
Quarter mile in 12.7 sec at 105 mph.
Acceleration0-60 in 3.9 seconds
Range220 Miles (353 Kilometers)
About 220 miles
(based on EPA combined city/highway cycle) I get about 175 mi with "spirited driving".
Watt Hours/Mile250 Wh/Mile
Data is from a blog by Tesla CTO JB Straubel.
EV Miles
Start:53 Miles (85 Kilometers)
Current:208 Miles (334 Kilometers)
Total:155 Miles (249 Kilometers)
    As of 2/24/2009
Seating Capacity2-seat, open-top, rear-drive sports car
Curb Weight2,690 Pounds (1,222 Kilograms)
Carbon Fiber body. Resin-bonded and riveted extruded aluminum monoquoque.
Four-wheel independent suspension featuring upper and lower unequal length wishbones and co-axial coil spring telescopic dampers.
TiresType Yokohama Neova AD07 LTS
Size - front 175/55 R16
Size - rear 225/45 R17
Conversion Time2 and 1/2 years on the waiting list from deposit to delivery.
Conversion Cost100K when purchased. They are a little more now with all the options that came included with signature 100 cars.
Additional FeaturesThe car came with everything you'd expect on a high-end sports car.
It drives like a rocketship on rails. I have driven many sports cars like Ferraris, Corvettes, even a Nascar racer. This car handles like no other and the amazing torque curve really gets it off the line.

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