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OwnerWayne Verity
LocationFairfax, Virginia United States map
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Vehicle1999 Subaru Forester
Conversion started 8/01/08....95% completed by 11/15/08
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001A Series Wound DC
9 Inch 19.5 hp single shaft; 160 lbs
DrivetrainOriginal 5 speed; limited slip all wheel drive (AWD)
with clutch retained for safety
ControllerKelly KDH14600D 24-156 Volt 1000A Programmable High Powe
Motor Current Limit: 1 Minute Rating: 1000A; Continuous Rating 450A
Frequency of Operation: 16.6kHz.
Standby Current: less than .5 mA.
Controller Supply Voltage Range, 10v to 30v (24v perferred)
Supply Current, PWR, 200mA.
PB6 Throttle Input: 0-5K ohms,0-5 Volts
Throttle Input: 0-5 Volts, 3 Wire, or 2 Wire Pot.
Batteries10 Optima D31T, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
900 CCA, weight: 60 lbs, 95AH
Extremely resistant to vibration
No special ventilation needed as these are sealed units
Mountable in any direction
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge 120 volt 10 amp
Quick Charge On Board 120V 10A With Select-A-Charge
Small And Compact: Fits Slim, mounts in any direction
Vibration Resistant: No moving parts,
Rugged construction; Totally enclosed to resist the effects of water, dirt, and a harsh environment. Pressure washer proof
Near bullet proof: Tough die cast enclosure
Made in U.S.A.
Fully charges the car in 7 hours

HeaterCeramic embedded element(s)
DC/DC Converter
Don't need one, the 12v accessory battery still in place, the traction pack dies way before the accessory battery does. On board 12v charger, re-charges it automatically when the car is plugged in.
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Fast enough for Northern Virginia crazy drivers! I can break all posted speed limits in Fairfax!
AccelerationSimilar to the original ICE
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
I did 15 the other day and got home with the pack reading 118...some days it seems to go farther than others. Most days I keep it under 10 per charge. It does exactly what I set out to do with it, I hoped to have some range back-up but maybe the next one...
Watt Hours/Mile660 Wh/Mile
I stink at math....maybe someone can do the figures for me and let me know the answers..
Update: It looks like about 660watts/mile
EV Miles
Start:162,828 Miles (261,990 Kilometers)
Current:166,258 Miles (267,509 Kilometers)
Total:3,430 Miles (5,518 Kilometers)
    As of 9/21/2011
Seating Capacity5, but I've only had 4 in it. (Two kids in the back.) With plenty of cargo space.
Curb Weight4,100 Pounds (1,863 Kilograms)
Heavy, medium sized crossover vehicle, with all the safety stuff and mass to protect me from the impatient cell phone holding maniacs on the road!
TiresStock 205-70-15's; I need to replace them with low RR tires!

8-2009 got a set of alloys with good BFG rubber on them. May have decreased my range.
Conversion TimeAbout 200 hours
Conversion CostAbout $7750 so far
I use it everyday to take my daughter to school or run to the post office. Now that gas is creeping back up ( I started when it hit $4.25/gallon summer 2008), it feels better to cruise by the local gas stations with that special finger held high.

Power steering is working, I used a 12v electric pump from a 1990 XT6, its on a toggle switch on the dash, so I just flip it when I need it! Works great.
Replace the over 5 year old red top acc battery with an $80 deep cycle from walmart, this 125 AH beast should run all the accesories together just fine. I love my Optima yellow tops - but can you spell e x p e n s i v e!
One is for the traction pack and one is for the acc. battery. Wow, what a bunch of crazy readouts! An electrical engineer told me its RF interferrance and to wrap the supply wires through a circular magnet to squelch the "noise". I'll let you know.
7/14/09 - Fixed the above with 4 computer cooling fans that draw almost no power, but keep the controller chilled. Also got air conditioning now, using a cooler, a fish pond pump, 20 feet of heater hose and frozen water (ice). Yes the heater core works nice as a chiller coil! Then cooler in the trunk keeps the few inches of water cold for hours. No ozone eating refrigerants - a truly green solution, if you don't count the house freezer turning the water into ice.
3/2010 A day in the 40's not too cold, I stopped at a stop sign then pressed on the throttle and BANG there went the Kelly controller and fuse. Kelly was nice enough to replace and upgrade me to the 156v 1000amp model. It is more like the ICE now, but range has dropped a bit. Oh I forgot, of the 4 cars we own, the electric was the only one to get out of the 'hood during Snowmageddon! The local 7-11 was happy to see me!

9/2011 Still driving it daily, range has declined to about 7 miles now. (3 years old now). I am looking into upgrading to lithium. Some of the upgrades done over the last year were to add 3 solar panels to the roof. These help keep the aux battery topped off. But can't fully charge on their own. A re-designed instrument panel was added to the center dash, showing brake vac and a warning light when brake vac is too low. It has a LCD voltage readout of the traction pack and a LCD clock. The solar panel controller has an LED readout to show aux battery condition, this Harbor Freight unit is currently hanging out of the glove box. It needs a permanent home.

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